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Any Planning Application that has the potential to detrimentally affect another person is required to be advertised.

Advertising of a Planning Application generally consists of:-

The display of one or more notice on the subject site for 14 days (the amount of notices required is dependent on the location and size of the subject site);

A mail out to surrounding owners and occupiers of land in the immediate area;

A notice in the local newspaper may be required in some circumstances.

Council's City Development Department, together with an appointed contractor will take care of all advertising/ notification requirements in accordance with Section 52 of the Planning and Environment Act for a set fee. 

In most cases we are required to "advertise" to:

  • Two properties either side of the subject site;
  • Three properties immediately to the rear of the subject site; and
  • Three properties directly opposite the subject site.




Additional advertising may be required from time to time depending on the site location, the nature of the proposal, and other outside factors.
In addition to the above , a public notice is required to be displayed on each frontage of the subject site.  In some circumstances more than one notice will be required (e.g. corner block, larger than normal site).  Council's assigned contractor will erect and remove all required public notices on site and take photographic evidence that the notice was on site for the required 14 day period. 


The benefits to the applicant are as follows;
  • You are no longer required to attend Council Offices, pay for and collect the required on site notices;
  • Council's appointed contractor will produce all required advertising signs on your behalf.
  • Council's appointed contractor will waterproof, install the notice in an appropriate location and remove the sign from the site after the 14 day advertising period;
  • Council's appointed contractor will take care of all legislative requirements providing evidence that advertising has been carried out correctly by way of photos, and statutory declarations as required;

The application will be on public display for a period of 14 days at Council's Customer Care located on the Ground Floor, 1230 Nepean Highway, Cheltenham.  In addition to this the plans and relating documentation will also be available for viewing on Council's Website. To view advertised plans, please click here.

During this time the plans can be viewed by any member of the general public, who in turn can then provide a submission (objection) in relation to the application.

For more information on objectors and / or objecting to a Planning Application, please click here.

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