Lodge plans for endorsement

You need to submit amended plans if your planning permit is subject to any conditions. You can’t start work until we have endorsed your amended plans.

Please make sure that your new plans meet all our requirements as we will charge you for any further lodgements.

Condition 1 plans

When a Planning Permit is issued, it is either:

  • Approved with endorsed plans (plans that are stamped and approved by us)
  • Issued subject to changes. Condition 1 of the permit will have details of what you need to do.

If Condition 1 of your planning permit says "Before the development and/or use starts, amended plans to the satisfaction must be provided to and approved by the Responsible Authority..." you will need to update your plans.

You can submit your plans for approval once you have made all the required changes.

You can’t start work until we have approved your plans.

Submit your Condition 1 plans

Make sure all requirements of your planning permit have been met before you submit your plans for endorsement. You will be charged if you need to submit your plans again.

See our page on changing your plans if you would like to make any other changes. 

Stormwater or drainage plans

Some approvals have conditions that relate to stormwater management. Submit your plans using the link below if you have been asked for these.

Lodge engineering drawings  

For more information on this please see our page on drainage.

Landscape plans

Landscaping conditions include trees, vegetation on your property, neighbouring properties and nature strips. Download our landscaping guide(PDF, 5MB) for further information explaining what a landscape plan should include.

Construction management plan

Visit our construction management page if your planning permit needs a construction management plan before you start works.