Change my planning permit or endorsed plans


Step 1.Talk to us to get advice

Getting advice before you start your application can save you time and help the process run more smoothly. See before you apply for more information.

Step 2.Gather your documents

You need to include the following with your application

  • A certificate of title (less than three months old). This can be obtained from Landata or ordered from us at Request for copy of title.
  • a written submission that explains what the changes are and where you are at in the planning process
  • a revised set of plans with changes highlighted
  • site photos of the street and subject site
  • arborist report (if required)
  • relevant planning fees(PDF, 1MB)

Step 3.Apply

There are three options for changing your plans.

Changes before your planning application has been approved: section 50/57a

Use this application type to change your planning application before we have approved it. You can use this application type to address any community concerns that occur during the advertising phase.

Lodge a section 50 or 57a amendment

Major changes: section 72 amendment

Use this application type to amend an existing planning permit. Examples include to change what the permit allows, change/remove a permit condition or seek changes to the approved plans.

A Section 72 follows the same steps as the original application process. You can also change the endorsed plans through this process.

Lodge and pay for a section 72 amendment

Minor changes: secondary consent

A Secondary Consent application allows changes to the plans only. It is a convenient way to seek approval for modifications such as changes in colours, materials or ground floor decking as it does not need to go through the full planning permit process

Lodge and pay for a secondary consent