Information privacy

Personal or health information will only be collected where it is necessary to carry out our functions and activities. In some circumstances, collection of personal information is required by law.     

Council’s Privacy Policy illustrates the way in which we comply with principles and legislative requirements in relation to personal and health information about an individual that is collected, stored, used or disclosed by Council.

View our Information Privacy Policy(PDF, 218KB).

Privacy requests

A privacy request is a request for personal information, such as property owner details.

Access to information is governed by the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014.

Kingston only releases personal information when legislation enables us to do so, or when the information is released or used for the reason it was originally collected. We also need to ensure the person the information is about would reasonably expect us to release it.

All privacy requests must be in writing. We have an application form for people requesting neighbours’ property owner details for fencing purposes and building related matters, however all other requests must be in writing, outlining the information they’d like to access and the reason for making the privacy request.

Owner detail application forms

Limited owner contact details can be disclosed in circumstances permitted by legislation or where the owner has consented to the release of their personal information. 

Owner information that may be disclosed include:

  • Owner’s last name and first initial
  • Full company name (when the property owner is a company)
  • Owner’s mailing address.

Owner details such as phone numbers and email addresses cannot be disclosed. 

We work to 10 business days to respond to privacy requests, with most requests being actioned within two to three days.

Fencing notices

For fencing notices or to have an adjoining fence repaired or replaced (Fences Act 1968) complete the ownership details request form.

For further fencing information and advice, please visit the Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria's website.

Building related matters

For building related matters where neighbouring owner details are required apply for neighbour owner details. All applications must be accompanied by a copy of the Section 80, as proof of the building works occurring. If you do not have a copy of the Section 80, please contact your Private Building Surveyor.


Requests for documents

Council will help customers by explaining processes and providing access to information and documents that do not contain other peoples’ personal information whenever possible.

If customers are interested in viewing or obtaining copies of other documents held by Council that cannot be accessed, you can apply under the Victorian Freedom of Information Act 1982. Find out more on the Freedom of Information process.


If you would like to provide feedback or discuss a potential breach of your privacy, please contact Council’s Privacy Officer on 1300 653 356, provide a written complaint to, fill out our online contact form or Mail: City of Kingston, PO Box 1000, Mentone 3194.