Property information

Use the mapping tool below to find information about a property in Kingston. This includes:

  • land area
  • land use
  • gross floor area
  • construction year
  • construction type

Download the Planning Property Report to find out title and planning details of your property as held with Land Victoria and DEWLP including:

  • Lot and Plan number
  • Standard Parcel Identifier
  • Utilities
  • Electorates
  • Planning Zones
  • Planning Overlays
  • Designated Bushfire Prone Area 
  • Native Vegetation controls

For further information on your property, and the controls on it within the Kingston Planning Scheme, please see the Department of Transport and Planning.

Mapping Tool

As you type an address, the address finder will make a recommendation - select the desired address to confirm. Once this has been done, click the address again and scroll down to find the property information.

Do I need a building or planning permit?

See our page on planning and building permits for more information.