Autumn plant giveaway

Council is committed to increasing tree cover and vegetation in the City of Kingston.

Each Autumn, we offer a free plant giveaway, allowing residents to collect up to five free tube stock native plants per household.

How it works

The autumn plant giveaway program is open to all Kingston residents.

Each household can collect 5 free plants (while stock lasts).

You do not need to register. Just attend one of the events listed and bring along your proof of address (e.g. a drivers licence, rates notice or utility bill with your address).

We will be giving away approximately 1000 plants at each event. First in, best dressed!

Giveaway events

Giveaway events have concluded for 2024. Subscribe to the page below, to be notified when 2025 dates are available.


How many plants can I collect?

You can collect up to 5 tube stock plants per household.

What types of plants are available?

You can select from a range of native trees, shrubs, grasses and groundcovers.

Small trees

  • Acacia implexa - Hickory Wattle / Lightwood
  • Acacia melanoxylon - Blackwood
  • Allocasuarina littoralis - Black Sheoak
  • Banksia marginata - Silver Banksia
  • Eucalyptus viminalis ssp. pryoriana - Coast Manna gum / Gippsland Manna gum
  • Acacia stricta - Hop Wattle

Medium shrubs

  • Acacia suaveolens - Sweet Wattle
  • Goodia lotifolia - Common Golden-tip
  • Hakea nodosa - Yellow Hakea
  • Indigofera australis - Australian Indigo
  • Kunzea leptospermoides - Yarra Burgan
  • Leptospermum continentale - Prickly Tea-tree
  • Leptospermum myrsinoides - Heath Tea-tree / Silky Tea-tree
  • Melaleuca squarrosa - Scented Paperbark
  • Myoporum insulare - Boobialla
  • Olearia ramulosa - Twiggy Daisy Bush

Small shrubs

  • Correa reflexa - Common Correa or Native Fuchsia
  • Correa alba - White Correa
  • Goodenia ovata - Hop Goodenia or Hop Bush
  • Olearia axillaris - Coast Daisy Bush

Liliies, irises, grasses

  • Ficinia nodosa - Knobby Club-rush or Knobby Club-sedge
  • Pattersonia occidentalis - Purple Flag
  • Themeda triandra - Kangaroo Grass
  • Rytidosperma setaceum - Small-flowered Wallaby-grass

Groundcovers, wildflowers and climbers

  • Brachyscome parvula - Coast Daisy
  • Chrysocephalum apiculatum - Common Everlasting or Yellow Buttons
  • Carpobrotus rossii - Karkalla / Native Pigface
  • Einadia nutans - Nodding Saltbush
  • Kennedia prostrata - Running Postman
  • Pelargonium austral - Native Storksbill
  • Viola hederacea - Native violet

I am not a Kingston resident. Can I collect 5 plants?

No, the plant giveaway is available to Kingston residents only.  You will need to provide proof of address at the event. Proof of address can be a drivers licence, rates notice or utility bill with your address written on it.

I am part of a community group. Can we collect plants for our group?

This plant giveaway is for residents only. You can contact council if you have any specific enquiries about plants for community groups.