Autumn plant giveaway

Council is committed to increasing tree cover and vegetation in the City of Kingston.

Each Autumn, we offer a free plant giveaway, allowing residents to collect up to five free tube stock native plants per household.

How it works

  • Registrations open in March each year.  When you register, you’ll receive your free plant voucher via email.
  • At the time of registration, you’ll need to select the date and location from where you want to collect your plants.  Collection dates are usually scheduled between the end of March and beginning of May.
  • A list of available native plant species will be published when registrations open.
  • The plant giveaway program is open to all Kingston residents.  One voucher per household applies.

Look out for announcements on our social media platforms, the Kingston website or Kingston Your City magazine around February and March each year.

For further enquiries, please contact Customer Care on 1300 653 356.


How many plants can I collect?

You can collect up to five tube stock plants per voucher.  You can register for one voucher per Kingston address.

What types of plants are available?

You can select from a range of native trees, shrubs, grasses and groundcovers. A list of available plant species will be published in March when registrations open.

I am not a Kingston resident. Can I register for a free plant voucher?

The free plant voucher is available to Kingston residents only. You will need to enter a Kingston address at registration.

Why do I need to register to collect the plants?

Registering ensures all plants are allocated and residents don’t miss out.  

When and where do I collect my free plants from?

When registrations open in March, several collection dates and locations will be available for you to choose from.

I am part of a community group. Can we collect plants for our group?

This plant giveaway is for residents only. You can contact council if you have any specific enquiries about plants for community groups. 

I don’t have an email address. How will I be able to register for the plant giveaway?

When registrations open in March, you can call us to register.