Extend my Planning Permit

Your planning permit will tell you the dates that your project must be started (commencement date) and completed (expiry date).

A request to extend the time of the expiry date can be made, however, we are only able to consider the request if it is made:

  • before the planning permit expires or within six months after the expiry date of the planning permit; or
  • within 12 months after the permit expires where a development has lawfully commenced on the site.

We encourage the permit holder to take note of the planning permit expiry dates, as there is no appeal process through VCAT if an extension of time request is made outside of the above requirements.

When lodging your extension of time request you will be required to include details of:

  • how long you wish to extend the permit for
  • your reasons for why the permit was not acted upon or completed
  • you may be required to include evidence to demonstrate an intent to act on the permit within the specified timeframe
  • payment of the relevant fee(PDF, 1MB)
  • the owner's written consent if the owner is not submitting the application.

Apply and pay for an extension of time