Nature strips

Nature strips play an important role in the appearance of our city. They can provide a habitat for local wildlife and significantly improve our local environment.  

Residents are responsible for mowing, watering and general maintenance of nature strips.

Council will assist with nature strip hazards and prune nature strip trees every two years. See our street tree pruning program for details.

What changes can I make?

Council supports minor changes to nature strips given they stay safe and accessible for public use.

You don’t need Council approval if you follow our guidelines:

  • Drought-tolerant, indigenous plants are preferred (ground covers, shrubs and grasses). 
  • Plants are maintained at a maximum height of 0.5m.
  • Plants are set back at least 0.5m from the back of kerb. The ‘set back’ area can be planted with groundcovers and small plants. These small plants must not exceed 0.1m in height, to allow for opening of car doors.
  • Nature strips on a corner property are limited to ground cover plants up to 0.2m in height. This ensures that motorists and pedestrians can see clearly when traveling.
  • Plants and mulch must not flow onto the pedestrian footpath, kerb or road.
  • Modifications must not damage or obstruct storm water drainage.
  • Enough level space is provided on the nature strip for the placement of two mobile garbage bins.

Design options

Council has developed a number of designs in our Nature Strip Guidelines(PDF, 5MB) to suit the varying needs of our residents including:

  • Drought tolerant
  • Shade tolerant
  • Bee and butterfly attracting
  • Coastal
  • Native edible
  • Permeable surface treatment

These designs suggest plants to suit your needs, as well as an appropriate layout. Our guidelines also list suggested native plants so you can replace species with your own selections.

Items not permitted on the nature strip

Nature strips should not contain:

  • Hard surfaces such as pavers, concrete or asphalt
  • Irrigation systems
  • Trees, other than those planted by Council (you can request a street tree)
  • Synthetic turf
  • Weed plant species
  • Plants or other items that obstruct the safe vision of pedestrians and traffic


For more information, read our Nature Strip Guidelines(PDF, 5MB). If your plans don’t meet our guidelines you can contact our Open Space Department on 1300 653 356 for further guidance.