Infringement notices, more commonly known as fines, are penalties for minor offences.

If you receive an infringement notice, you have three options:

  • pay the infringement notice in full
  • write a letter of appeal for an internal review
  • elect to have the matter heard in court.

Pay in full

Step 1.Gather your information

You will need your infringement notice and credit card details

Step 2.Pay your fine

Complete our online form to pay your fine online

Pay your fine

To pay in person visit our Customer Care Centre at 1230 Nepean Hwy, Cheltenham (Monday to Friday 8.30am - 5pm)

Appeal a fine

Step 1.Grounds for appeal

You can appeal your fine if you believe any of the following:

  • the fine was contrary to law
  • mistaken identity (another person committed the offence)
  • special circumstances apply (e.g. homelessness)
    • you must provide written evidence from a medical professional or case worker outlining of your special circumstance
  • exceptional circumstances apply (e.g. medical emergencies)
  • you were unaware that you had been issued a fine (e.g. you were overseas when the fine was issued) 

Step 2.Appeal your fine

Gather all supporting information

Complete the Infringement Offence Review Application form(PDF, 277KB)

The appeal process can take up to 90 days and you will receive a written response of the outcome. The fine will be placed on hold until an outcome has been decided.

The Infringement Act 2006 allows you to make one application for review. You will need to provide all relevant and supporting documentation. If extra information is required, but not received by a due date, a decision will be made anyway.

It is an offence to provide false or misleading information. Further action may be taken if this occurs.

Step 3.Appeal outcomes

After reviewing an appeal we may:

  • confirm the decision to serve an infringement notice and proceed with enforcement
  • withdraw the infringement notice and serve an official warning in place of the infringement notice
  • withdraw the infringement notice
  • withdraw the infringement notice and refer the matter to the Court
  • waive all or any penalty reminder notice fees
  • approve a payment plan.

If your appeal is unsuccessful you must complete one of the below actions before the due date on your fine:

If you are eligible, an accredited organisation may apply to the Director, Fines Victoria for a Work and Development Permit on your behalf.

Court hearing

The person named on the infringement notice can have the infringement matter heard at the Magistrates' Court any time before the fine is registered with Fines Victoria.

Requests must be in writing stating that you wish for your infringement notice to be reviewed by a Magistrate in court. Please include the infringement notice number, your full name and the address to where you wish the summons to be served to.

Once it is received, our prosecutor will review the request and make arrangements for the matter to be lodged at court. We will send you a notice about one month before the hearing.

We cannot give legal advice about this process. We strongly recommend that you get independent legal advice before going to court.

The court process is not free. If the court decides in our favour, we will seek to recover any additional costs from you.

Once a hearing has been scheduled, you may request a delay by contacting the Magistrates' Court. Contact our Prosecutions Officer on 1300 653 356 to discuss your application.

Once a court election is processed and a hearing is arranged, you can only settle the matter before coming to Court with an out-of-court settlement. This is the total amount of the fine plus as any additional costs.