Footpath vegetation

In Kingston, if you rent, own a home or business, you are responsible in keeping any footpaths connected to your property free from hazards to pedestrians and traffic.

Overhanging branches create unsafe situations and traffic hazards. Hazards include vegetation like trees, shrubs and ground covering. Removing obstructions keep paths clear for all users.

Your must prune branches so that they are at least 2.4 metres above the footpath.

If we receive a complaint about your property having overhanging vegetation, a Local Laws Officer will inspect it.

If the officer decides there are branches or shrubs blocking the footpath you will receive a Notice to Comply by a specific date.

If the work is not completed by that date or other arrangements are not made, we will complete the work and send you an invoice.

You might also receive two fines for:

  1. Failing to follow the Notice to Comply
  2. The actual offence of having overhanging vegetation

Council does not deal with complaints about concerning trees or branches that border with your neighbour’s property. This is a civil matter and best resolved by talking directly with your neighbour.

If not resolved, contact the Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria on 1800 658 526 (free call). This service is free, confidential and easy to use. Interpreters are provided.

If you see any overhanging vegetation impeding a footpath, please contact our Local Laws Department on 1300 653 356 or and they will inspect the property.