Planning scheme amendments


The Kingston planning scheme sets out policies and provisions that regulate the use, development and protection of land within Kingston. It includes State Government policy and provisions, local policies specific to Kingston and planning controls such as zones and overlays. The conditions and requirements of the planning scheme generally apply to all, including individuals, businesses, and councils.

View the Kingston Planning Scheme on the Planning Schemes Online website.

Council is the ‘responsible authority’, for administering and enforcing the Kingston Planning Scheme.

Kingston’s planning scheme consists of:

  • maps where zones and overlays affect land
  • ordinances, which are clauses that set out the requirements for the use and development of land and include zones, overlays, policy and provisions

Why do planning schemes change?

The planning scheme is regularly amended and updated by both the State Government and Council in accordance with the Planning and Environment Act 1987.

Council has a role as a ‘planning authority’ and is required to review and update the planning scheme on a regular basis. Council is also responsible for assessing requests by third parties (proponents) to amend the planning scheme.

Sometimes the State Government will act as the planning authority for specific matters and will be responsible for some planning scheme amendments.

A planning scheme amendment may involve:
  • changes to land zones and/or overlays
  • updates or corrections to maps or ordinances
  • new policy or development controls
  • in some cases more than one of the above.

The amendment process

Who can apply?

Anyone can ask a planning authority to prepare an amendment. A proponent for an amendment must be able to justify to the planning authority as to why an amendment should be prepared. This requires robust justification against relevant planning policy and legislation and usually includes the preparation of expert reports and supporting technical documentation.

Council has a private planning scheme amendment policy(PDF, 147KB) for amendment requests that are made by third parties.

Overview of stages

The Planning and Environment Act 1987 outlines how planning schemes can be amended.

Before an amendment can be prepared, it must be authorised by the Minister for Planning.

Usually, an amendment is placed on exhibition for at least one month. Once on exhibition, those who are materially affected may make a submission to the amendment. If there are submissions that cannot be resolved by the planning authority, the Minister for Planning will appoint an independent panel to consider their recommendations and either adopt or abandon the amendment.

Once Council has made a final decision to adopt an amendment, the amendment is then forwarded to the Minister for Planning for approval.

An amendment becomes part of a planning scheme when it is prepared by the Minister for Planning and notice is given in the Victorian Government Gazette.

For more detailed information on each stage of the amendment process, visit the Department of Transport and Planning's website.

Current amendments

Amendment Description Status Additional information

Amendment C203king

The amendment implements the Kingston Housing Strategy and Neighbourhood Character Study through the application of new residential zones, overlays and local policy updates Adopted 14 August 2023, submitted to Planning Minister on 7 September 2023 – awaiting approval See amendment C203king on Planning Schemes Online or view our amendment C203 consultation page
Amendment C206king Updates to the Kingston Planning Scheme to correct errors and make other minor changes.
Adopted 24 July 2023, submitted to Planning Minister on 18 September 2023 – awaiting approval See amendment C206king on Planning Schemes Online



Previous amendments

View all previous amendments on Planning Schemes Online

Amendment Description Status Additional information
Amendment C219king

The amendment corrects a technical error in the Schedule to Clause 53.01 of the Kingston Planning Scheme by replacing an anomaly due to PPF translation (Amendment C200king), consisting of outdated references to local planning policy. The amendment also inserts map content that was incorrectly omitted as a part of Amendment C093Pt2king.

Gazetted on 20 October 2023

See Amendment C219king on Planning Schemes Online

 Amendment C205king The amendment amends Schedule 1 to Clause 37.02 Comprehensive Development Zone (CDZ1) which applies to land generally known as Endeavour Cove. Approved (Gazetted 17 November 2023) See amendment C205king  on Planning Schemes Online
 Amendment C199king The amendment seeks to facilitate the redevelopment of the land at 179 - 217 Centre Dandenong Road, Dingley Village (Kingswood Golf Course) by rezoning the land General Residential Zone Schedule 7, applying the Development Plan Overlay Schedule 8 and making other associated changes to the Kingston Planning Scheme  Approved (Gazetted 25 September 2023) See amendment C199king on Planning Schemes Online
Amendment C201king

Adds the environmental audit overlay to 47 properties across Kingston. Approved and gazetted 21 July 2022 See amendment C201king on Planning Schemes Online
 Amendment C197king Updates the Planning Scheme to correct errors and make other minor changes. Approved (Gazetted on 24 February 2022)

See amendment C197king on Planning Schemes Online

Amendment C198king

Rezones land at 19 Tarella Road, Chelsea to Public Park and Recreation Zone to create new public open space Approved June 10 2021 See amendment C198king on Planning Schemes Online
Amendment C190king Applies a Public Acquisition Overlay over 251-253 Charman Road, Cheltenham. This reserves land to create future open space next to the Cheltenham Station. Approved July 22 2021 See amendment C190king on Planning Schemes Online
Amendment C159 Changes the planning controls that apply to this land to allow for residential development. Approved April 18 2019 See amendment C159 on Planning Schemes Online
Amendment C151 Proposed to rezone the land to allow for residential development Abandoned October 17 2018 See amendment C151 on Planning Schemes Online
Hawthorn Football Club Amendment C180king Amends the Planning Scheme to allow for the development of the Hawthorn Football Club's new headquarters and training facility Approved July 22 2021 See amendment C180king on Planning Schemes Online
 Amendment C215king
 The Amendment applies the Heritage Overlay to 86 Mentone Parade Mentone on a Permanent basis.  Gazetted 22 March 2023 See amendment C215king on Planning Schemes Online