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Maintenance of Road Infrastructure

The Register of Public Roads is a list of roads for which Council is responsible, and can be viewed from related content.

To report any issues relating to state or arterial roads contact VicRoads on 13 11 70 or lodge an online form.

Potholes and road repairs

Council carries out inspections of all road surfaces in the municipality on a regular basis to determine the priority for improvement and preventative maintenance. Ongoing maintenance on 598 km of local roads, such as repairing potholes, cracks and line-marking is carried out by Council as required. Potholes and road repairs within the city are the responsibility of Council unless the street is a main road managed by VicRoads.

Emergency situations, such as damage caused by a road accident which could be a safety hazard to motorists or pedestrians, can be reported on a 24 hour basis. Phone 1300 653 356 and follow the prompts for emergencies.

Lodge a request for service relating to a Council road. 


Council provides and looks after approximately 1,172 kilometres of footpath within the Kingston municipality, including those along state roads.

The safety of pedestrians is important to Council and our footpaths are maintained by a regular grinding and repair program. Should you notice any defect on a footpath which could be considered a pedestrian hazard, please report it to Customer Service via 1300 653 356. The area will be promptly inspected, made safe if required and placed on a maintenance schedule for replacement or repair according to priority.

Lodge a request for service relating to a footpath or Council road.

Blocked drains

Drains on local roads are inspected and cleaned on a regular basis. However, if you are concerned about flooding after heavy rain and the water is not draining away, you should report the exact location to Customer Service for attention. If cleaning is all that is required, the pit will be placed into the program dependent upon priority.

In some cases a more detailed investigation is required which may take a few weeks. In this case, you will be contacted and advised of the outcome and all details of action to be taken.

To report any issues relating to damaged drainage pits or blocked drains.

Street sweeping, litter bins and dumped rubbish

The sweeping of Kingston’s streets is completed on a 5 weekly rotational basis and public litter bins are collected on a weekly/daily basis depending on their location. If you see an overflowing litter bin, or a large amount of rubbish dumped on a public street, you may report it to Customer Service via 1300 653 356. Major shopping centres are swept on a daily basis.

Check the Street Sweeping Areas to see which area you live in, then you can see from the Street Sweeping Schedule when the next scheduled sweeping of your area will commence.

Street lighting

Council is responsible for the commissioning and ongoing running costs of street lighting within the municipality. However, general maintenance of street lighting such as replacement of globes, is carried out by the electricity distribution companies. For street lighting replacements or maintenance you can call United Energy on 132 099 or report online.

Signage and street furniture

This includes all traffic signs, parking signs, information signs, street name signs, seats, bollards and guardrails, bicycle stands, planters, and bus shelters. Any requests relating to these items, with the exception of glass bus shelters, can be reported to Council via 1300 653 356 or alternatively you can lodge an online request for sign maintenance.

Most bus shelters in the City of Kingston are managed by Adshel. To request maintenance on a bus shelter contact Adshel on 1800 501 402 or send an email to

Removing Dead Animals

Council will remove dead animals from roads, footpaths and nature strips, but not private properties. Call 1300 653 356 with a precise location and the animal will be removed within 24 hours.

Street Trees

Any enquiries regarding nature strip trees, such as pruning, suspected health of tree, root encroachment or tripping hazard caused by exposed roots can be reported to Council via 1300 653 356. Likewise, if you wish to be placed on the planting program to have a nature strip tree planted, Customer Service will take your request. Alternatively you can also lodge an online request.


Any issue involving train crossings, railway signs, rubbish dumped on railway land, etc. you can call Metro directly on 1800 800 007 – 6am to midnight daily (all night on Fridays & Saturdays) or if not urgent you can make a report online.