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Domestic Animal Management Plan

The Domestic Animal Management Plan will cater for the needs of companion animals, their owners and address the concerns of the general public in an equitable and compassionate manner.

The aim of this plan is to facilitate co-existence of pets, pet owners and the general populace whilst addressing the welfare and legislative issues relating to animal management in urban areas. This plan also aims to promote responsible pet ownership and enhance the experience of animal ownership within the community. 

The principle aim of this plan is to ensure Kingston remains a municipality where people and pets can peacefully and safely co-exist within the community. 

The plan will assist to: 

  • Promote responsible pet ownership by outlining statutory responsibilities of pet owners; 
  • Highlight the benefits of animal ownership and companionship;
  • Enhance  general amenity by outlining appropriate animal management techniques;
  • Increase public safety by ensuring compliance by owners of declared dangerous and restricted breed dogs;
  • Provide for the welfare of cats and dogs; and 
  • Ensure that Council fulfils its legislative responsibility