Excess animal permits

There is a limit on the number of animals you can have at your property. If you want more than the specified number, you can apply for an excess animal permit.

The number of animals you can have without needing a permit depends on the size of your block of land.


Step 1.Check if you need a permit

Check the table below to see if you need an excess animal permit. 

Type of animal Blocks bigger than 4000m2 Blocks between 530m2 and 4000m2 Blocks smaller than 530m2and units
Cat 4 2 2
Dog 4 2 1
Rodents and reptiles 10 5 2
Game Bird 25 2 0
Poultry 25 10 0
Large bird (e.g. cockatoo) 5 5 2
Small bird (e.g. canary) 50 50 10
Rooster 0 0 0
Farm animal 0 0 0


Step 2.Print this document

Excess animal permit.(DOCX, 45KB)

Step 3.Get your neighbours to sign the document

Written consent must be given by occupants of all properties that immediately border your property. 

Step 4.Get your details ready

  • Personal details
  • Property details
  • Details of your animals
    • Number of animals
    • Their purpose
    • Their colour
    • Their sex
    • Their breed
    • Their microchip number
  • Your signed document

Step 5.Apply and pay online

Apply and pay