A to Z of waste disposal

A guide to help you recycle and dispose of waste items correctly.

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Drop off unwanted household chemicals for free at a Detox Your Home collection point.

Household chemicals include:

  • cleaning chemicals
  • cosmetics
  • fire and safety chemicals
  • garden and pool chemicals
  • garage chemicals
  • hobby materials
  • kitchen and camping chemicals

You must not place any of these items into your landfill bin (red lid) as they can cause human or environmental harm. These items must be disposed of responsibly.

Many hazardous chemicals are accepted at a Detox your Home event. Check their website for accepted items.

A hazardous chemical is any chemical that can present a physical hazard including fires explosions and corrosions. They can also be health hazards and it is important to dispose of them correctly and responsibly.


Acids cannot be placed into any of your household bins.

Acids must be disposed of correctly as they are a hazardous item.

You can dispose of acids at a Detox Your Home event.


Baking paper goes in your landfill bin (red lid).

Baking paper is coated with either chemicals or a type of plastic. This makes it unsuitable for the recycling or food and garden waste bin.


Take out-of-date and unwanted medicines to any local pharmacy for free disposal.

Avoid placing medicines in your household bins as these chemicals can become hazardous and harm the environment.

Household batteries are hazardous and must not be placed in any household bin. They can cause fires and leak toxic chemicals.

Many supermarkets and stores have collection points with special bins for disposing of batteries.

There are also more collection points listed on B-Cycle.


Timber offcuts, painted and treated timber should be taken to your local transfer station. Fees may apply. 

Painted timber or treated timber is not suitable for composting in the food and garden waste bin (green lid). The paint and timber treatments contain chemicals that will make the final compost product unusable.

Fluorescent light globes and tubes (CFLs)

Fluorescent light globes and tubes cannot be placed in residential bins as they are a hazardous material. 

They contain mercury and other materials that can cause environmental harm.

Some of the material in globes and tubes can be recycled. IKEA offers a free recycling service.

Or take them to the following transfer stations:

Bayside Waste and Recycling Centre

144 Talinga Road, Cheltenham VIC 3192.

Email: office@copperrock.com.au

Phone: 9585 4385

No fees apply, drop off only.

Frankston Regional Recycling Recovery Centre

20 Harold Road, Skye VIC 3977

Email: info@frankston.vic.gov.au

Phone: 1300 322 322

Free drop off.

LED, Incandescent and halogen light bulbs

These are safe to dispose of in your landfill bin (red lid) as there are no harmful chemicals inside. You may wish to wrap them in newspaper for safety purposes.

For a more sustainable option however, you can also take these globes to IKEA for recycling free of charge. 

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