New regional sporting fields at the Delta site

What our community wants Funding support from Victorian and Australian Governments to create new sporting fields
Who can take action Australian Government, Victorian Government
Category Sport & Recreation


A unique site has been earmarked for a new regional sportsfield in Kingston’s Green Wedge that could serve the south-east region – but government funding is needed to bring this exciting project to life.

Kingston Council has proposed an innovative solution to provide much-needed new playing fields for our community and is calling for Australian Government support to progress this regionally significant project.

Council is hoping to create new sports grounds in Kingston’s Green Wedge and has identified the 34ha Delta site (91-185 Kingston Road) as a key potential site. 

The Victorian Government has committed $300,000 towards master planning for the regional sportsfield and now further investment is sought to acquire the property and develop the site for use.

The completed regional playing fields would accommodate a broad range of sporting codes and discussions with a number of sporting bodies have taken place, with great interest in the project.

In addition to providing elite training sites, the centre would help meet rapidly growing demand for new sporting fields in the vicinity – with Kingston’s Green Wedge an ideal opportunity to source large areas of land close to residential areas.

The large site could meet the needs of a number of sporting codes including cycling, hockey, soccer, AFL and cricket and attract thousands of users from across the region each year.

It could also help alleviate demand pressure on other regional sport centres such as Kingston Heath Reserve which is experiencing strong demand for baseball and hockey. Support from the Australian Government would help ensure the site is acquired and high quality facilities developed.