Awards to celebrate Kingston’s outstanding businesses

Published on 30 August 2023

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The stars of our local business community are set to be celebrated at the inaugural Kingston Sustainable Business Awards gala event on Wednesday 25 October.

Positioned to increase awareness of best practices and demonstrate how sustainable business benefits our community and our environment, the awards have attracted a large number of nominations across industries, and from businesses both large and small.

Mayor Hadi Saab encourages businesses and the wider community to attend and acknowledge the outstanding achievements of the winners and 24 businesses and individuals who were selected as finalists. 

“We have a remarkably innovative and diverse business community in Kingston and it’s important we recognise and applaud those businesses and individuals making the world a better place,” Cr Saab said.

“This promises to be another great celebration for our community as well as offering a very strong networking opportunity and I’m excited to see everyone come together.”

Sponsored by the Community Bank Parkdale, the awards will be presented across six categories, which cover some of the most significant challenges facing businesses today:

  • Waste Reduction and the Circular Economy - recognising business that have taken significant steps in their business to redirect waste from landfill.
  • Ethical Sourcing and Procurement - recognising business that demonstrate ethical and social responsibility relating to sustainable business practises.
  • Diversity and Inclusion - recognising business that have initiated inclusive employment initiatives in Kingston.
  • Sustainable Leadership - recognising business or individuals that have influenced customers, suppliers or the community to achieve sustainable outcomes in their industry.
  • Net Zero 2030 - recognising business that have committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions through the implementation of policy changes, technology improvements or new processes.
  • Young Changemakers and Innovators - recognising young people who have developed ideas or implemented positive change in sustainability.

Kingston Sustainable Business Awards


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