Sustainable Business Awards

Next date: Wednesday, 28 August 2024 | 06:00 PM

Winners of the 2023 Sustainable Business Awards displaying their awards

Nominations for 2024 have now closed. We look forward to celebrating our winners at our Gala Event on Wednesday 28 August 2024.

The Kingston Sustainable Business Awards recognise and celebrate the efforts made by businesses in Kingston to make the world a better and safer place.

Established as a platform for our business community, they’re an opportunity to showcase and celebrate achievements in a broad range of sustainable initiatives. Presented across six categories, the Awards enable businesses to select the category or categories that align best with their specific activities, initiatives and objectives.

We are pleased to announce Community Bank Parkdale as our major sponsor for the awards. 


Category 1: Waste Reduction and Recycling Solutions

This award recognises businesses and initiatives that demonstrate efforts in reducing waste generation, promoting recycling, and implementing solutions for sustainable waste management practices. Businesses entering this category must showcase their implementation strategies and measurable results in minimising waste and resource recovery. Entries may encompass accomplishments in recycling and reprocessing systems, including mechanical and organic (composting) recycling methods, as well as implementing sustainable packaging solutions.

Category 2: Diversity and Inclusion

This award recognises businesses that excel in supporting diversity and inclusion through workplace initiatives and/or programs. These businesses demonstrate the values and benefits of an inclusive workplace and work to achieve a more inclusive environment for staff and customers. Businesses nominated for this award have taken action to reduce barriers, enhance participation and ensure information, services and facilities are accessible and inclusive to everyone in our community. Workplace diversity and inclusion may refer to gender, age, LGBTIQA+, culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD), people with a disability and First Nations engagement.

Category 3: Small and Medium Business Leadership

This award recognises outstanding achievements by small to medium businesses that integrate environmental and/or social sustainability principles and practices into their business activities and policies. Entries into this category showcase their multifaceted contributions towards sustainability (and/or achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal). Examples include ethical sourcing, community engagement, circularity and biodiversity.

Category 4: Towards Net Zero 2030

This award celebrates organisations who are working towards net zero through improving efficiency, renewable energy production and carbon emission reduction. This can be through implementing innovative strategies, technologies, policy changes and supply chain transparency.

Category 5: Product Innovation and Technology

This award celebrates businesses who develop innovative products and technologies that have the potential of significantly addressing climate change mitigation, adaptation or resilience. Examples include solar panel production, energy storage solutions, water conservation and green building technologies, amongst many more. Start-ups are welcome to enter this category if they have preliminary results.

Category 6: Young Changemakers and Innovators

This award recognises young changemakers and innovators (under 30 years old) who have devised forward-thinking solutions that align with sustainable strategies and outcomes. These individuals can have their own business or initiative or be working for an employer on an initiative they have implemented in the last 2 years. Showcase how your passion and hard work have contributed towards progressing environmental and/or social sustainability.

Judging panel

The judging process will be conducted by the Banksia Foundation, who have 35 years in conducting sustainability award programs. Banksia network of judges independently score and critique entries in categories relevant to their expertise. The Banksia Foundation's credibility rests on the fact that the judging process is independent, apolitical and not under the auspices of any organisation or association. 

Frequently asked questions

Who is eligible to be nominated?

Any business with an initiative that meets the award Eligibility Criteria is welcome to submit a nomination. This includes businesses of all sizes, educational organisations and not-for-profits.

Any individual (under 30 years old) can be nominated for Young Changemakers and Innovators category with an initiative that meets the award eligibility criteria.

How do I nominate?

Nominations for this year have now closed. 

What is an initiative?

An initiative is a specific project, product, program, system, mechanism, mindset or process implemented that has resulted in sustainable business practices.

What are the prizes?

The award winners will receive a trophy and certificate and numerous opportunities to market their businesses and initiatives.

Are small businesses eligible?

Yes. Businesses of all sizes are eligible. Our nomination process is fair, transparent and independent of the business size.

Is there a cost to entry?

The awards are free to enter.

Who are the previous winners?


See the 2023 media release for more information on last year's winners.


  • Wednesday, 28 August 2024 | 06:00 PM
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