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Current and Future Works - Roads and Drainage


Infrastructure capital works projects are essential to achieving Council’s objectives to providing safe, accessible and appropriate infrastructure that meets the current future needs of our community.

You can keep up to date on the progress of some of our more exciting construction projects by following the links below. For further information phone the contact listed on 1300 653 356.

Don't forget to scroll to the right, using the arrows, if you can't see the Information Bulletin link.

Links to other useful information:

Projects and Works

Traffic Treatment Information Bulletins

External Projects

Street & Suburb Description of works  Proposed Start Date  Proposed Duration Information Bulletin  Contact 
Barkly Street (McDonald to Chute Streets), Mordialloc Road reconstruction April 2019  26 Weeks Information Bulletin - Barkly Street Mordialloc-Road Reconstruction  Emad Nashed
Rodney Street and Joan Street, Moorabbin  Drainage improvements  June 2019  6 Weeks  Rodney Street Joan Street Moorabbin - Drainage Improvements-October 2018   Emad Nashed
Ti Tree Grove & Monaco Street, Parkdale  Drainage improvements May 2019  8 Weeks  Information Bulletin-Ti Tree Grove Monaco Street Parkdale-January 2019 Emad Nashed
French Avenue, Edithvale (Fraser Avenue to Edithvale Road)  Road reconstruction  June 2019  26 Weeks 

Information Bulletin-Pre construction update-French Avenue Edithvale May-2019

Information Bulletin-Proposed road reconstruction-French Avenue Edithvale-January 2019

Emad Nashed 
Glennie Ave, Oakleigh South  Footpath construction  August 2019  3 Weeks  Glennie Avenue Oakleigh South-Footpath Construction-January 2019   Josh Sekulovski 
Macbeth Street, Braeside   Footpath construction August 2019 4 Weeks Information-Bulletin-Macbeth-Street-Braeside-Footpath-Construction-March-2019.docx   Brian Trower 
Heatherton Road, Clayton South Footpath construction 

Sept 2019

4 Weeks  Information Bulletin-Heatherton Road Clayton South-April 2019  Glenn Olin
Esper Avenue Oakleigh South  Footpath construction  August  2019  3 Weeks  Infrastructure Bulletin-Esper Avenue Oakleigh South-January 2019   Josh Sekulovski 
Nepean Hwy, Moorabbin (Between Gwenda Avenue to Wickham Road)  Footpath upgrade & traffic treatments  August  2019  6 Weeks  Information Bulletin-Nepean Hwy Moorabbin   Pim Hooijboer 
Montrose Avenue, Keith Avenue, Kinross Avenue, Edithvale  Road and drainage reconstruction  August 2019  15 Weeks  Infrastructure Bulletin-Montrose Keith Kinross Avenues-Edithvale-Road-and-Drainage-reconstruction-March-2019 Daniel Skinner 
Lance Close, Aspendale Gardens  Footpath construction  August 2019  1 Week  Lance Close Aspendale Gardens - Footpath Construction - May 2019   Alexandra Andrianopoulos 
Armstrong Lane, Chelsea Drainage improvements  August 2019  4 Weeks  Armstrong Lane Chelsea-Drainage Improvements May2019   Glenn Olin 
Vernal Road, Oakleigh South  Footpath construction  Sept 2019 3 Weeks  Information Bulletin-Vernal Road, Oakleigh South-June 2019   Josh Sekulovski 
McDonald Street and Barkly Street, Mordialloc  Drainage upgrade  March 2020  8 Weeks  Information Bulletin-McDonald and Barkly Street Mordialloc-Drainage Upgrade June 2019   Daniel Skinner 
The Grange Estate Reserve, between Aisha Cr & Spring Road, Dingley Village Drainage improvements  Nov 2019  4 Weeks  Information-Bulletin-The-Grange-Estate-Reserve-between-Aisha-Cr-and-Spring-Rd-Dingley-Village-Drainage-improvements-July-2019.pdf   Pim Hooijboer 
Clayton Road, Clarinda (Between Leslie Road and Victory Road)  Footpath construction  Nov 2019  6 Weeks  Infrastructure Bulletin-Clayton Road, Clarinda - Footpath construction-August 2019   Pim Hooijboer
Railway Road and Park Lane, Cheltenham Streetscape improvements  August 2019  2 Weeks  Infrastructure Bulletin-Railway Rd and Parks Lane-Asphalting-August-2019   Chang Wuol