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Council's Statutory Rating Valuations

A valuation is an assessment of the market value of a property, at a specific date and in accordance with the Valuation of Lands Act 1960 legislation and the Valuation Best Practice Specifications.

The following pages are provided to assist the owner of a property in understanding their Rating Valuations.

Information about Rating Valuations

This information provides an understanding of what rating valuations represent, at what point in time they are determined by the Valuer, how the valuations are calculated and their purpose for rating within Local Government.

For further details see Information on Rating Valuations.

How do I make a valuation enquiry?

You may wish to lodge your valuation enquiry:

  • Online Valuation Enquiry Form
  • Call Customer Services on 1300 653 356
  • Write to Council's Property Data Department, Kingston City Council - PO Box 1000, Mentone VIC 3194

More on Making a Valuation Enquiry

How do I lodge a formal valuation objection?

This information provides an understanding of how to formally object to your valuation.

By contacting Council with your initial enquiry prior to lodging a formal objection, it could possibly resolve the enquiry without going through this process, saving time and effort.

More on Lodging a Formal Valuation Objection

Objecting to a Land Tax Assessment

This information provides an understanding of how to object to your Land Tax assessment notice based on the Site Value of a property.

Although Council's Contract Valuers determine the Site Value (on which land tax is based), the State Revenue Office are the authority issuing land tax assessment notices. You will need to lodge your enquiry or objection with the State Revenue Office.

It will then be forwarded to the respective municipality (Council) in which that land is situated, then forwarded to the Contract Valuers for review.

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