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Useful Forms and Links

This page provides a list of useful forms and links for each aspect of Planning, Subdivision and Vegetation Removal application processes.

Planning Application Forms

Planning Application Form

VicSmart Planning Application Form

Request to Endorse Plans

Secondary Consent Application Form

S72. Application to Amend a Planning Permit

Application to Amend a Current Planning Application Under Assessment (Section 50 or Section 57a)

Application to End or Amend a S173 Agreement

 Request for Extension of Time

 Pre-Application Information Request 

Request for Copy of Title ($60.00)

Request for Property Information ($150.00)

Application for Copies of Planning Permit and Endorsed Plans ($120.00)

Planning Fee Schedule

City Development Fee Schedule

Payment Form

Metropolitan Planning Levy (Where cost of development exceeds $1000,000

Planning Information and Fact Sheets

The Planning Process Fact Sheet

Pre-Application Meetings Fact Sheet

"STAR" Application Process

VicSmart Application Guide

Arboricultural Reporting Guidelines fro Planning and Developments

Street Numbering

3D Modelling Guidelines

Out Of Hours Work Request

Advertising Forms

Responding To Planning Applications - Fact Sheet

Objection to the Grant of a Planning Permit

Neighbourhood Character Guidelines

Introduction to Neighbourhood Character Guidelines

Neighbourhood Character Area Overall Map

Neighbourhood Character Guideline - Part 1

Neighbourhood Character Guidelines - Part 2

Neighbourhood Character Guidelines - Part 3

Neighbourhood Character Design Response Form

Vegetation Forms

Application for Tree Removal or Pruning ($100 per tree - Concession Exempt)

Pre-Development - Application for Tree Inspection Report on Private Property
($250 for sites up to 800m2 - $350 for sites over 800m2)

 Tree Removal Fact Sheet

Arboricultural Reporting Guidelines fro Planning and Developments 

Drainage & Civil Approval Matters

Legal Point of Discharge Information ($141.00)

Application for Drainage / Civil Approval (Where a Planning Permit has been issued)

 Stormwater In-Lieu Developer Contribution Quote

Planning Links

The following links have been provided to assist you with the Planning Application process. 

Please note that the links provided below will direct you to an external websites which are not related to the City of Kingston.

Kingston Planning Scheme

The Kingston Planning Scheme is the legislative framework which is used to assess all developments within the City of Kingston.  Please click on the following link to access an on-line version of the Kingston Planning Scheme.

Kingston Planning Scheme

Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning

The Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure (DTPLI), provide a wide range of information in relation to Planning Permit processes, and the requirements for obtaining a Planning Permit. In addition to this you will be able to access all Planning Schemes, Zoning Information, and information on legislation and regulations.  Please click on the following link to access the Department of Planning and Community Development Website.

Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning

Land Victoria

The Land Victoria website provides a range of services, and will allow you to purchase a variety of property reports, and / or title details that are required in most cases to be submitted with your Application for Planning Permit.  To order a property report or Certificate of Title and / or related documents, please click on one of the following link:


Alternatively for a fee of $50, Council's City Development department can obtain a copy of Certificate of Title on your behalf, please view the Certificate of Title page for further information.

Melbourne Water

If your site is affected by a flood overlay you may need to obtain flood level information and development advice.  To access Melbourne Water's Planning and Building page, please click on the following link:

Melbourne Water (Planning and Building Information)


The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal hears and detremines Planning and Environmental Disputes.  For further information in relation to this process, please click on the following link to access the VCAT website:

Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT)

Civil Disputes

From time to time issues arise that are outside of City of Kingston jurisdiction, and are considered a 'civil matter'.  An example of such an issue is boundary fencing between neighbouring properties.  When such disputes arise, the matter is usually referred to the Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria.  This is a free dispute resolution service funded by the Victorian Government.  For more information in relation to the dispute Settlement Centre, please click the following link:

Dispute Setttlement Centre of Victoria


The majority of Subdivision Applications submitted to Council are submitted and processed through an online planning system known as SPEAR.  SPEAR allows applications to be compiled, lodged, managed, referred, approved and tracked online, anytime.  To access SPEAR, please click the following link:

SPEAR (Online Subdivision Applications)


If your site is located in an area listed for Cultural Sensitivity by Aboriginal Affairs Victoria then you may be required to submit a Cultural Heritage Management Plan (CHMP) for more information in relation to the CHMP requirements, please click on the following link:

Aboriginal Affairs Victoria


For information in relation to building permit requirements, and / or regulations, please click on the following link:

Building Commission Website (Victorian Building Authority).

Alternatively, you can refer to the City of Kingston Statutory Building Website Page.