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Property & Development

Planning, building, rates, heritage, residential zones, sustainable design and more.

Development & Construction - Permit Requirement Information

Information on the steps required getting your development or construction underway including different permit requirements.


Please note that a change to the Statutory Planning Fees will commence on 13 October, 2016. All applications received on or after this date are required to be submitted with the correct Statutory Fee. Refer to the Useful Forms and Links page to view the updated fees.


The City of Kingston's Building Surveying Team offers a range of services to the community including construction and legislative advice for all types of your construction needs


Are you involved with building in the City of Kingston? This section lets you know about all the Council permits that are related to construction in our municipality and also talks about Construction Management Plans (CMPs) which are required for some developments.

Vegetation / Tree Removal

Thinking about removing a tree? It is important to check with us before you start.


Information about paying your rates.

Certificate of Title

This section provides information on the different ways to obtaining a copy of title for land in Victoria.

Residential Zones

The Residential Zones Standing Advisory Committee’s report in relation to Kingston’s draft Residential Zone Amendment,

Heritage Places

The unique history of Kingston is illustrated by a wide variety of heritage places that include buildings, neighbourhood precincts, trees, landscape areas, and urban forms.

Managing Stormwater

Kingston Council has a Local Law to protect stormwater from pollution through building, landscaping or related activities. If you manage a building, landscaping or construction site, you're responsible for complying with Council's Local Law

Strategic Plans & Projects

View Council's current structure plans and projects for the municipality

Planning Scheme Amendments

A planning scheme sets out the direction, policies and requirements for the use, development and protection of land. Planning schemes are regularly amended.

Engineering Assessments

Engineering assessments for developments play an important role in town planning applications. Issues relating to storm water drainage, flooding, roads, traffic, parking, lighting and other Council infrastructure are assessed.

Keeping Footpaths Clear

Keeping Footpaths Clear

If you rent or own a home or business in Kingston, you are responsible to ensure that any footpaths that adjoin your property are free from obstructions to pedestrians and traffic. Footpaths are important and are used for safe passage by pedestrians.

Planning for a growing Kingston

The Victorian Government estimates Melbourne will grow to 7.7 million people by 2051. Our city can’t keep sprawling ever-outwards, so local Councils are faced with the challenge of how to accommodate more people without losing the amenity of our neighbourhoods.

Planning for our future

We want to hear from our community to help shape the future of planning in Kingston.