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Sport and Recreation Reference Group

The purpose of the Sport and Recreation Reference Group (SRRG) is to provide high level advice and guidance to Council and Council Officers on the future of sport and recreation in the City of Kingston. It also serves as a forum for consultation and discussion on specific issues that impact on sport and recreation providers.

The SRRG will strengthen communication and engagement between Council and community sport and recreation providers in the areas of:

  • Strategic provision of sport and recreation infrastructure within Kingston.
  • Identification of high level strategic issues that impact upon the provision of sport and recreation within Kingston.
  • Provision of advice that contributes to the alignment of Council Policy and process with the objectives of sport and recreation providers within the City of Kingston.
  • Participation in ongoing reviews of strategic documents and input into development of Council leisure plans and policies
  • Advocacy for Sports and Recreation in the City of Kingston
  • Promotion of the strengths and opportunities for Sports and Recreation in the City of Kingston;

The SRRG will provide Council and Council Officers with considered and balanced advice designed to ensure the continued growth and benefits to the local sport and recreation sector and to the community.  The SRRG will raise local and contemporary issues for consideration and debate and be a platform for discussion between Council and the community.

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