Municipal Emergency Management Planning

Every Local Government Area needs to have a Municipal Emergency Management Plan (MEMP) to explain how we will work with local emergency services and relief and recovery agencies to respond to any danger, which threatens community safety.

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In an emergency

If you are facing immediate danger, please dial 000.

MEMP objectives

The objectives of the Emergency Plan are to:

  • implement measures to prevent or reduce the causes or effects of emergencies
  • detail the local response to and recovery from, emergency events
  • outline the roles and responsibilities of emergency services, relief/recovery agencies and council in supporting our community during emergency response, relief and recovery.

Council roles and responsibilities

Municipal Emergency Management Officer (MEMO)

Coordinates council resources when requested by emergency services during emergency response. 

Municipal Recovery Manager (MRM)

Coordinates council and community resources during emergency relief and recovery phases.

Municipal Fire Prevention Officer (MFPO)

Ensures fire prevention planning and procedures are maintained. 

Municipal Operation Centre Manager (MOC)

In the instance of a major emergency, we will establish an operations centre to control resources and relief and recovery efforts.

Emergency Relief Centre (ERC)

We will open an ERC in the instance that members of the community require assistance in an emergency situation. 

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