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Parks, reserves and playgrounds - works and upgrades

You can keep up to date on the progress of some of our projects with the notices listed below. These cover planned works, upgrades and changes across Kingston's Parks, Reserves and Playgrounds.




Waterways Tree Works
[Waterways Tree Assessment]



Keeley Park paving renewal

Safety measures at Roy Dore Reserve - Parking


Path repair between 1 Island Point Drive and 20 King Sound Close, Waterways

New park furniture coming soon to Golfwood Close Reserve


Mordialloc Creek Vegetation Protection Fencing

Proposed Fenced Off Leash Dog Park at Chadwick Reserve

Bicentennial Park Lighting Upgrade

Wells Road Planting Proposal


Safety improvements at Victory Park, Chelsea

Harbour Town Roundabout Upgrade

Horscroft Place Pocket Park Construction Commencing


Yammerbook Reserve Fence Removal

Kearney Reserve Playspace Renewal

 Mavis Hutter Reserve Playspace Renewal

Carinya Avenue Reserve Playspace Renewal

The Heath Common Playspace Renewal

Dingley Village Streetscape Upgrades


Have your say on the Jean Street Reserve and Garfield Lane Upgrade in Cheltenham

Update on works to create a new off-leash dog park in Roy Dore, Carrum

Tree removal at Vanessa Court Reserve, Oakleigh South

Warraweena Reserve, Clayton South Playspace Upgrade – Construction Commencing

Duggan Reserve, Mordialloc Playspace Upgrade – Construction Commencing


Horscroft Place pocket park, Moorabbin - Update

New grass: Moorabbin Reserve main oval

Amaroo Drive Playspace Renewal

Le Page Park Playspace Renewal

Williams Close Reserve Playspace Renewal

New Fenced Off-Leash Dog Park at Roy Dore Reserve


Carrum beach boardwalk scour protection and vehicle access works

Patterson River rock wall construction

Peter Scullin Reserve Playspace Improvements – Shade Sail Investigation


Have Your Say on the Elder Street South Reserve Concept Plans

Reg Marlow Fenced Dog Park Renewal, Mentone

Vanessa Court Reserve Redevelopment

Stormwater Treatment Swale at Wilson Grove, Aspendale

Christina Terrace Reserve, Dingley Village – Lawn Reinstatement


Notice of upcoming construction works for Moorabbin Reserve Pocket Park


Carinya Avenue Reserve, Aspendale - Playground Redevelopment

The Heath Common, Heatherton - Playground Redevelopment

Kearney Reserve, Aspendale Gardens - Playground Redevelopment

Mavis Hutter Reserve, Oakleigh South - Playground Redevelopment


Have your say: Peter Scullin Reserve Park Plan and Playspace Renewal

Elder Street South Reserve, Clarinda - Project Update

Tarella Reserve, Chelsea - Project Update

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