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Heights Park

Located in Chelsea heights, this small but attractive example of Heathy Woodland (EVC 48) of just less than a hectare is believed to be the northern three elevated sand islands that where surrounded by the great Carrum Carrum Swampland.  Prior to the 1870s, Chelsea Heights was part of what was known as the Isles of Wannarkladdin, being the only high land of the Carrum Carrum Swamp.
This high section of land is where the name Chelsea heights is said to be derived from.


The low nutrient, sandy soils that are typical of Heathy woodland give way to some striking shrub species within the park like Showy Bossiaea (Bossiaea cinerea), which is scattered throughout sections of the park, Common Aotus (Aotus ericoides) is abundant and known for its pea like flowers that are on display from September to March and the bright yellow Bundled Guinea-flower (Hibbertia prostrata) can be seen in bloom from September to November.

There is also a diverse range of grasses like Kneed Wallaby Grass (Austrodanthonia geniculata) Spear Grass (Stipa mollis), and several varieties of Tussocks and Sedges.


The indigenous vegetation and tall eucalypts attracts and supports a variety of native birds such as the Red Wattle Bird, Rainbow Lorikeets, Eastern Rosella’s and Corellas. 
The park is also home to Ringtail Possums, insects, skinks and butterflies.