Household chemical collections

Household chemicals are found in products we use at home and in the garden, such as:  

  • cleaning products 
  • cosmetics
  • fertiliser and insect sprays
  • swimming pool chemicals 
  • coolant, brake fluid and petrol

How do I dispose of household chemicals?

You can dispose of them for free at a ‘Detox your Home’ collection point. Kingston hosts a ‘Detox your Home’ collection point in various locations each year. Visit Sustainability Victoria for event dates, locations and more information, such as a full list of accepted items.

What about paint, batteries and other toxic waste?

For paint, you can drop off at a local Paintback collection point. An alternative option is to use a paint hardener and then dispose of in your landfill bin (red lid).

For batteries, find a drop off point using B-Cycle. Many supermarkets provide a bin for safe battery disposal. Batteries should never be placed into any of your kerbside bins.

For other toxic waste and for any chemicals not accepted at Detox your Home, you can take them to Bayside Waste and Recycling Center. Fees may apply.