A to Z of waste disposal

A guide to help you recycle and dispose of waste items correctly.

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Small pieces of polystyrene can be placed into your landfill bin (red lid).

Large pieces will need to be disposed of either through a transfer station or a private company as it is not accepted in hard rubbish collections.

For recycling take your polystyrene to Casafico or Foamex. Fees may apply.

Alternatively, take to a transfer station:

Kingston Waste Transfer Station

24-30 Fonceca Street, Mordialloc VIC 3195

Email: enquiries@rhinobins.com.au

Phone: 9580 4842

Fees may apply.

Packing peanuts made of polystyrene and go in your landfill bin (red lid).

Some packing peanuts are made of cornstarch and can be dissolved in water before disposing down the sink.

Plastic Meat Trays

Plastic meat trays are made of non-recyclable plastic and can be placed in your landfill bin (red lid).

Any absorption pads should be placed in your landfill bin (red lid).

Polystyrene Meat Trays

Any polystyrene materials should be placed in your landfill bin (red lid).

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