Computers finding new homes with local secondary students

Published on 30 April 2024

Group photo of computer donation.

Kingston is very proud to have again partnered with local charity This is IT to donate almost 200 end of life laptops to local secondary students from families experiencing financial hardship or other disadvantage.

The computers are securely deleted and reset, with the donation diverting them from e-waste and providing a tangible community benefit.

Mayor Jenna Davey-Burns said equitable access to education is essential to ensure a fair go for all. 

“Financial stress should never be a barrier to education, training or employment, and I love that our old laptops have been given a new life in the hands of our young learners,” Cr Davey-Burns said.

“The idea that a young person would miss out on a comprehensive education because they didn’t have access to one is simply unjust.

“This innovative initiative very much aligns with our values and our commitment to an inclusive, safe and liveable city and I wholeheartedly encourage other councils and corporations to join us in partnering with This is IT on this simple but powerful social project.” 

The laptops are being sent to fulfil requests for help from Kingston schools including Mordialloc Secondary College, Parkdale Secondary College, Oakwood School Chelsea, Westall Secondary College, and Cheltenham Secondary College.

This latest donation brings the total number of computers finding new homes from the This is IT initiative to over 2000 – each one a life changer!

This is IT Co-Founder Andrew Simmons said the This is IT team remains committed to repurposing laptops, reducing electronic waste, and ensuring that every disadvantaged student in Victoria has access to this essential learning tool.

“Financial stress remains a major obstacle for many secondary students, hindering their engagement and academic progress and we want them to feel empowered,” Mr Simmons said.

“First established in 2020, This is IT has been able to not just re-direct old IT, but also solve what has become a huge issue of inequity within our schools. The 2000 laptops we have been able to re-direct will have a continued impact on the lives of the students that receive them, as well as their families.

“The feedback we have received from schools and families has been extremely positive and we are thrilled to be able to make a small difference to the lives of young people across the city.”

For more information about This is IT visit or contact Andrew Simmons at


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