Kingston lodges positive plan to meet housing crisis demand

Published on 16 August 2023

Housing in Kingston

Kingston Council has worked hand-in-hand with our local community to develop a positive plan to play our part in tackling the housing crisis, while preserving the unique character of our neighbourhoods.

Housing is a critical issue for all levels of government and innovative solutions are needed to deliver much-needed housing supply while retaining Melbourne’s status as one of the world’s most liveable cities.

New housing zones that will guide future development across Kingston have been reviewed by an independent planning panel and are now awaiting approval from Victorian Planning Minister Sonya Kilkenny.

As outlined by the independent planning panel, Kingston’s plan will enable sufficient growth to meet the state government’s forecast demand for housing in our city over the next couple of decades at least.

Approval is now required from the Victorian Government to adopt the Planning Scheme Amendment, that embeds Melbourne’s newest Housing Strategy and Neighbourhood Character Study, and aims to:

  • channel medium and high-density housing to appropriate areas, including activity centres and along the Nepean Highway;
  • acknowledge the unique characteristics of Kingston’s suburbs;
  • encourage a diverse range of housing options to suit the changing needs of our community;
  • provide some of the most environmentally sustainable building standards in Victoria; and
  • direct key issues including building heights, setbacks and landscaping.

Kingston Mayor Hadi Saab said Council embarked on this city-shaping process in response to the Victorian Government’s Plan Melbourne, which calls on local councils to take a fair share of growth.

“Housing supply is a critical issue for all levels of Government right now, and Kingston has stepped up to work with our community over the past six years to deliver a plan that focuses future growth in and around our key activity centres, close to public transport, shops, and services. We have shown this can be done while also protecting our quieter neighbourhood streets” Cr Saab said.

“We have developed a constructive plan that balances the need to accommodate growth while also protecting the things we love about Kingston.”

As part of the years-long process, an independent planning panel appointed by the Victorian Government has recently assessed Council’s proposed zones. While largely supportive of Council’s draft, the independent panel did propose a small number of changes.

While Council agreed with most of the panel’s suggestions, it wholeheartedly rejected advice to increase allowed building heights along sections of the foreshore in Mentone and Parkdale from two storeys to three storeys.

“This has come completely out of the blue, and we stand firm with our community that our beautiful foreshore should be protected from inappropriate development. We simply do not support changing the current 2-storey limit introduced by the Victorian Government to safeguard the unique coastal environment right along Port Phillip Bay,” Cr Saab said.

“Our housing plan easily accommodates required growth, we have a proven track record of approving new homes in activity centres, and we know further growth is coming via the Suburban Rail Loop project areas in Cheltenham/Highett and Clayton/Clayton South.

“Council is also proud to be a strong supporter of social and affordable housing projects to provide homes for people that would otherwise miss out. Kingston is living proof that councils and local communities can create positive plans for growth in their neighbourhoods.”

Mayor Saab said Council was proud to lodge this contemporary and well researched Amendment with the Victorian Planning Minister and believes it demonstrates the constructive role Local Government can play in planning for housing.

“We have undertaken everything asked of us by the Victorian Government and are confident the Planning Minister will welcome the extensive community consultation and detailed work that underpins our plan,” Cr Saab said.

“We are looking forward to having a resolution very soon and moving forward with our action plan for carefully balancing how we manage population growth in our city.”

For more information on the draft plan, known as Amendment C203, please visit the project page or call Council's Strategic Planning team on 1300 653 356.


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