Council plan and budget

Council Plan

We’ve worked closely with our community to set Council’s direction for the future.

The Council Plan provides accountability to the community, directs the organisation, and helps guide decision making. It also helps us track our performance and meet the legislative requirements set out in the Local Government Act 2020.

Our community gave us a clear picture of what kind of future they want, outlined in their Community Vision(PDF, 749KB).

In 2020, people selected from our community joined together to form our Community Panel to work with us to develop strategies for the future.

The Community Panel dedicated many hours to develop the vision, a set of recommendations for the Council Plan, our Public Health & Wellbeing Plan and plans for how we manage Kingston’s money and assets.

The Council Plan 2021-25 is a roadmap for how we will work in partnership with our community to build a more liveable and sustainable Kingston. It was adopted on 25 October 2021:

We will focus on a range of goals, priorities and investments over the next four years, working towards our six outcomes:

  1. Our city will be a vibrant, enjoyable, and easy place to live.
  2. We prioritise our environment and reduce our impact on the earth.
  3. We will embrace the concept of a 20-minute neighbourhood, support the ongoing process of decentralisation and support people to live and work locally.
  4. We are progressive, inclusive and prioritise the wellbeing of all members of our community.
  5. Our community will feel safe, and be safe, in all aspects of their lives.
  6. Council will be collaborative, accountable, transparent, responsive, well-informed and efficient. 

Our progress is measured in quarterly performance reports and the Annual Report(PDF, 4MB).

The Annual Action Plan 2021-22(PDF, 310KB) outlines how we will deliver year one of the Council Plan 2021-25.

Please take the time to read through this plan and find out more about the exciting things happening in Kingston over the next four years and how you can be involved.

Draft Budget 2023/24

We’re currently seeking feedback on the Draft Budget 2023/24. View the Draft Budget and have your say! 

Budget 2022/23

Our Budget 2022/23(PDF, 3MB) was adopted at a Council meeting on 27 June 2022.

The Budget was developed following community consultation

We also developed a Financial Plan(PDF, 839KB) which provides a 10-year financially sustainable projection of how the actions of the Council Plan may be funded to achieve the Community Vision(PDF, 749KB).

Under the Local Government Act 2020, all councils are also required to develop a Revenue & Rating Plan(PDF, 1MB).

Our previous Budgets

The Revised Budget 2021/22(PDF, 3MB) was adopted at a Council meeting on 25 October 2021. The budget was revised to align with key projects and initiatives outlined in the Council Plan 2021-25(PDF, 2MB).

Please contact us to request Budgets from earlier years.

Strategic Resource Plan

The Strategic Resource Plan 2020-24(PDF, 710KB) (SRP) was adopted by Council on 25 May 2020. This high-level plan demonstrates how Council will employ its financial and non-financial resources to achieve the Council Plan 2021-2025 goals, key directions and objectives.

It is a rolling four year financial plan that ensures that Kingston remains sustainable in the medium to long term.

This Strategic Resource Plan is updated annually with the development of the Annual Budget and meets the legislative requirements specified in the Local Government Act 2020 and Local Government (Planning and Reporting) Regulations 2014. 

Council's previous Strategic Resource Plan

Strategic Resource Plan 2019-23(PDF, 1MB)

Please contact us to request Strategic Resource Plans from earlier years.

Asset Plan

The Asset Plan 2021-31(PDF, 2MB) has a ten-year horizon and outlines Kingston’s approach to asset management, the future challenges and opportunities for managing our assets. It includes the funding requirements to maintain our assets and ensure we are able to continue to deliver our current services.