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Public Health and Wellbeing

Kingston Council delivers a range of actions that contribute towards people's health and wellbeing. Kingston's Public Health and Wellbeing Plan (PHWP) outlines Council's aims and objectives to plan for a healthier and well Kingston. The PHWP is updated every 4 years, as required by the 2008 Public Health and Wellbeing Act. The PHWP is delivered through a range of Action Plans, such as the 2017-2021 Healthy and Well Action Plan.

The 2017-2021 Healthy and Well Action Plan outlines actions Council is taking under four key areas: Increasing participation in physical activity, Increasing healthy eating habits, Improving mental wellbeing, and Reducing harms from the consumption of alcohol and other drugs, smoking and gambling.

Healthy Eating Habits

Developing healthy eating habits provides the nutrients your body requires and contributes to your physical and mental wellbeing. The food you consume can contribute to or decrease your risk of chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and cancer.

Kingston Council is a partner of the Southern Melbourne Primary Partnership (SMPCP) Healthy Eating Working Group, who work with food providers across the region to trial small changes to their policies, products, displays and advertising that result in supporting their customers to make healthier food and beverage choices. If you are a food provider in Kingston (manager of a cafe, canteen or vending machine) and are interested in providing healthier options to your customers, please contact Council's Community Wellbeing Officer on 9581 4807.

Mental Wellbeing

Mental wellbeing is greatly improved with a healthy diet, physical exercise, social connection, engagement in employment, and when required, psychological counselling or medical intervention. Equally important to individual action is having a community that understands mental health issues and is able to create supportive environments.

If you require mental health referral information, please visit Mental Health.

Physical Activity

Participation in physical activity throughout life is important for a healthy body and mind, and contributes towards longevity. Lack of physical activity and increasingly sedentary lifestyles has contributed to poorer health outcomes in Kingston. However, Kingston is privileged to have open spaces such as the foreshore, walking trails and parks; and Council has established Kingston Active centres and outdoor exercise equipment that provide opportunities to increase physical activity.

Reducing Harm from consumption of Alcohol and other Drugs, Smoking and Gambling

A range of lifestyle activities can impact negatively on individual and community health. The impacts on the community of liquor consumption, use of illegal drugs, over-use of prescription drugs, tobacco smoking, and gambling are of most concern to Council. These activities contribute to the burden of preventable diseases, are linked to family violence and social isolation.

For referral information, see Alcohol and Other Drugs, Gambling, Violence and Abuse