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Off Leash Areas for Dogs

For the comfort and safety for everyone in the community, we encourage all owners of dogs to observe these rules.

Effective Control

Please be reminded that it is an offence under Section 26 of the Domestic Animals Act 1994 to not have effective control of a dog.

The person in care and control must remain in effective voice or hand control of the dog and within constant sight of the dog as to be able to promptly place the dog on a chain, cord or leash if that becomes necessary and does not allow the dog to worry, cause a nuisance or threaten any person or animal.

Dogs Off Leash

Exercise, play and socialisation are important for the health and happiness of your dog. We have many designated dog exercise areas and four sites with some fantastic dog exercise equipment installed. These are located in Chelsea, Mordialloc, Cheltenham and Clayton South. These areas are a great place to practise obedience training, confidence building and to teach your dog appropriate behaviour.

Please make use of our designated off leash areas as dogs are not allowed on school grounds and are required to stay on leash when exercised in all public areas of our city except for the designated Off Leash areas within all the reserves listed below. The reserves listed in the Related Information have only a small portion of the allocated reserve as an off leash area and these areas are well signed. 

Dog off leash areas; Kevin Hayes Reserve, Reg Marlow Park and Snowden Reserve are fully enclosed.

No Dog Zone in Mordialloc

In the City of Kingston, dogs are prohibited from the foreshore reserve in the designated ‘No Dog Zone’. This area is well signed between Mordialloc Creek and the end of Bay Street, to the off street car park in Mordialloc.

Bike Track/Walking Path

Dogs must be on a leash at all times throughout the year on bike tracks and footpaths including paths along the Foreshore Reserve. Dogs are not allowed along the footpaths in Area C, however dogs are permitted along the path on Beach Road. For more information, see the Summer and Winter maps.

Dog Litter

Dog owners are required under Local Laws to carry a litter removal device and must produce this on request of an authorised officer.

Off leash areas