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VCAT (Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal)

The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) is a low cost, accessible, efficient and independent tribunal that hears and determines Planning and Environmental disputes.

Some common Planning and Environmental Disputes include:

Review of a decision by Council to Refuse a Planning Permit (Commonly known as an "Appeal against refusal");

Review of conditions contained within a Planning Permit issued by Council (Commonly known as a "Conditions Appeal");

Review of a decision by Council to grant a Planning Permit if you are an objector to the original application (Commonly known as an "Objector Appeal"); or

Review of a failure by Council to issue a decision on a Planning Application within time (60 statutory days) (Commonly known as a "Failure Appeal").

If an application for review is lodged in relation to a Planning Application, VCAT will reconsider the whole application from the beginning.  The tribunal can override a Council decision, and becomes the "decision maker" of the matter.


If you are a Permit Applicant, you have 60 days from the issue date to lodge an appeal against a Council Decision.  For full details on appeal provisions, please refer to the back of your decision document (Planning Permit or Refusal) or refer to the VCATwebsite.



If you are an Objector, you have 21 days from the issue date of Council's Notice of Decision to lodge an appeal.  For full details on appeal provisions for objectors, please refer to the back of the Notice of Decision document or refer to the VCAT website.

For more information on VCAT process and the Planning and Environment list, please visit the VCAT Website

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