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Planning Application Statutory Referral Process 

When a Planning Application is received, Council's Planning Officer will conduct a ' preliminary assessment' on your application.  As part of this assessment, the planning officer will refer to the Kingston Planning Scheme to determine who the application is required to be "referred" to.  Referral Authorities vary depending on the application type and Kingston Planning Scheme requirements. If an application is referred under requirements of the Kingston Planning Scheme, this is known as a "Statutory Referral".  An example of common referral authorities include (but are not limited to):- 

  • Melbourne Water;
  • South East Water;
  • Vic Roads;
  • Moorabbin Airport.

The statutory referral authority has 28 days to respond to Council's correspondence.  The Statutory Referral Authority can:- 

  • Offer comments or footnotes to be included on any Planning Permit issued;
  • Require relevant conditions to be placed on any Planning Permit issued;
  • Request that Council refuse the application based on grounds as specified by the Referral Authority.

Non Statutory Referral Process

Council Planning Officer's may  also refer your application to non-statutory referral authorities.   Council Officer's may refer your application to other interested parties that are not specified by the Kingston Planning Scheme to seek opinions or comments on an application that is considered may have relevance to the selected authority.   Comments or opinions of non-statutory referral authorities will be considered when a full assessment of the Planning Application takes place.  Common examples of non-statutory referral authorities include (but are not limited to);

Internal Council Departments such as;

  • Engineering;
  • Traffic
  • Strategic Planning
  • Vegetation
  • Melbourne Water
  • Moorabbin Airport

After referring the application to all relevant authorities, the application for planning permit will proceed to Advertising (Public Notification).

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