Dog ownership

Dogs must stay on a leash in all public spaces except for designated off leash areas. Dogs are not allowed on school grounds. Canals and waterways are not off leash areas. Keeping your dog on a leash helps keep wildlife safe.

As a dog owner, you must:

  • remain in control of your dog
  • closely supervise your dog and be able to place a leash on your dog if needed
  • not allow your dog to cause a problem or threaten other people/animals.

Dog off leash map

To find your nearest dog off leash area, search the interactive map below or download the dog off leash map(PDF, 708KB).
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Clean up after your dog

Please clean up after your dog. Dog owners must carry a plastic bag and be able to produce this on request of an authorised officer. This is a requirement under Local Laws.

Free biodegradable dog-litter bags are available at our customer service centres and selected reserves around Kingston.

Dog access to foreshore reserve

Regulations change depending on the season:

For more information, please contact Customer Care on 1300 653 356.

No Dog Zone in Mordialloc

Dogs are not allowed from the foreshore reserve in the designated ‘No Dog Zone’. This area is well signed between Mordialloc Creek and the end of Bay Street, to the off-street car park in Mordialloc.

Dogs are permitted along the path on Beach Road.

Dog exercise areas

We have four sites with dog exercise equipment. These sites are located at:

These sites are a great place to:

  • practice obedience training with your dog
  • build confidence
  • teach your dog proper behaviour.

Bike and walking tracks

Dogs must be always be on a leash on bike tracks and footpaths. This includes paths along the foreshore reserve.