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Walking your dog

Council encourages responsible pet ownership, and you can help by ensuring the safety of your dog and others by walking it on a leash.

It is a requirement to keep your dog on a leash and to carry a litter removal device, such as a plastic bag when out with your dog in public.

Free biodegradable dog-litter bags are provided at Council customer service centres for all registered dog owners, as well as in a selection of reserves around Kingston.

Having your dog on a leash and under effective control will mean that it is less likely to get lost or run away from sudden noises, keeping it safe from cars on the road. It also keeps your dog nearby and therefore safe from other animals that may not be friendly and away from people who don't like dogs.

Kingston has more than 30 off-leash open areas for dogs and they are also permitted on our foreshores during set hours of the day. See our Foreshore dog regulations

While Council does not manage the City’s canal systems and waterways, it is important for residents to note these are not off-leash dog areas and keeping dogs on-leash around canals and waterways helps keep wildlife safe and the water clear of dog droppings, which affect the health of the water and the ecosystem.

Obligations in off-leash reserves

Please do not let your dog off the leash until you enter the off-leash area, which will be clearly marked by signs in the reserves.

When a dog is being exercised off a leash in an off-leash area the owner must:

  • remain in effective voice or hand control of the dog so you can promptly place the dog on a leash, if that becomes necessary
  • carry a leash which you can use to bring the dog under effective control if the dog causes a nuisance to any person or animal
  • not allow the dog to worry or threaten any person or animal
  • always keep the dog in sight
  • bring the dog under control if it is or is likely to be within twenty metres of
    - the arena or ground of an organised sporting or practice event
    - an occupied children's playground area
    - an organised public meeting or event
    - an occupied permanent barbecue or picnic area

Remember, Council’s rangers patrol all reserves and streets and may approach anyone who is walking a dog on or off leash.  Should you be walking your dog off-leash where it needs to be on a leash, you may face a fine.