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Cat Ownership

Thinking about buying a cat? Have you considered these questions?

  • Are you prepared to look after your cat for over 10 years?
  • Can you afford it?
  • Do you have time to exercise, groom, and play with your cat?
  • Do you have a suitable location and suitable housing for a cat?
  • If you rent, can you have pets?
  • Does a cat fit your lifestyle, activities, sporting pursuits and priorities?
  • Can you confine your pet for the first 3 weeks?
  • Are you prepared to keep your cat indoors at night (in the house, shed or garage)

Permit required

Did you know that it's an offence in the City Of Kingston to keep more than two cats on a property without consent in writing from Council in the form of a Permit? The number is set to ensure that pets are kept in a healthy environment and that neighbours are not inconvenienced. If you wish to keep more than two cats, contact our Customer Care Hotline on 1300 653 356 for help with this process.

What can I do about cats coming into my garden?

Are wandering cats causing you nuisance by:

  • Creating noise when fighting with other cats or calling for mates?
  • Spraying on your front door or on your doormat?
  • Attacking native birds and animals on your property?
  • Leaving faeces in your garden or children’s sandbox?
  • Attacking your own cat? 

These are all complaints that owners or occupiers of properties have the right to report to Council. We're authorised, under the Domestic Animals Act 1994, to respond.

The first thing to do is to make sure that the cat isn't coming in to finish off the pet food that your pets don't eat. Let the cat’s owner know, in a friendly way, that you don't want the cat visiting you and try to work together to find a co-operative solution. It is the owner's responsibility to keep a cat from visiting you.

Cat Trapping

Please be advised that all requests for cat traps have been suspended due to COVID-19. We will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation closely and will continue to review this arrangement. We thank you for your understanding and support of the measures being taken.

All residents of Kingston, whether they're owners or occupiers, have the right to register a complaint with Council regarding nuisance cats. Under Section 23 of the Domestic Animals Act 1994, owners or occupiers of private properties may catch cats, by any humane means, if they are on their properties without permission. Council provides a trapping service to help remove nuisance feral cats. This service is carried out in a humane fashion by our trained, Authorised Officers.

Trapped cats must be handed to an authorised officer of Council so they can be impounded. Impounded cats will be given food, water and shelter at the Council Pound. Once the cat is impounded the owner of the cat is issued with a Notice of Objection, which is a formal letter from Council. The Notice outlines to the owner where the cat cannot go.

Once the Notice of Objection has been served, if the cat returns to roam on private property where it's not welcome, a penalty can be issued. If the cat comes back again after this a further penalty can be issued.

If you have a complaint regarding an unowned or owned cat wandering on your property please report it to Council on 1300 653 356.

Who's for Cats Campaign?

The Who's for Cats campaign is designed to teach people how they can assist when finding unowned cats around their property. Currently in Victoria there are half a million unowned cats living throughout the state. If you find any unowned cats in your neighbourhood, please call the Council on 1300 653 356 so that a Ranger can help you remove the cats.

Feeding unowned cats and not taking full ownership or responsibility for them (e.g. having them de-sexed, registered and micro-chipped) contributes to the cat overpopulation problem. For further infromation please call The Department of Environment and Primary Industires on 136 186.