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Sustainable Design Assessment in the Planning Process (SDAPP)



What is Sustainable Design?

Sustainable design is a key priority in the development of today's built environment.  Sustainable design protects our environment, secures today's living standards and future-proofs our community against rising energy, water and waste disposal costs.

The City of Kingston, together with other Victorian Councils have developed a consistent and transparent sustainable design assessment process in relation to Planning Applications.  This process offers a high level of planning certainty relevant to sustainable design, and ensures that it has been considered during the early project phase achieving the greatest benefits at the lowest cost.

The SDAPP (Sustainable Design Assessment in the Planning Process) program refers to the inclusion of 10 key environmental performance considerations into the Planning Permit approvals process in order to achieve a more sustainable building outcomes for the long-term benefit of the wider community.  All applicants are encouraged to consider the 10 key Sustainable Building Categories within their design, however, Council will request certain applications to specifically address these criteria.

A brief overview of these categories has been provided:

Please click on the category for more detailed information.


SDAPP1.jpg    SDAPP2.jpg    sdapp3.jpg    sdapp4.jpg    sdapp5.jpg    sdapp6.jpg    
sdapp7.jpg            sdapp8.jpgsdapp9.jpg    sdapp10.jpg



Sustainable Design and Planning Applications:

Sustainable Design is critical to any building project from minor alterations to a large new development.  Council has established different application categories that relate to different types of planning applications and whether sustainable design related information is required to be submitted to Council with your application.  All applicants are encouraged to consider the 10 Key Sustainable Building Categories within their design, however, certain applications will be required to the criteria.









What is a Sustainable Design Assessment (SDA) & When Is It Required To Be Submitted With My Planning Application?

A Sustainable Design Assessment (SDA) is a sustainability assessment of a proposed design at the Planning Stage.  The assessment will support your planning application by showing how you intend to address the 10 Key Sustainable Building Categories.  A SDA is required to be submitted for medium developments as described above.

What is a Sustainable Management Plan (SMP) & When Is It Require To Be Submitted With My Planning Application?

A Sustainable Management Plan is a detailed sustainability assessment of a proposed design at the planning stage.  A SMP must identify relevant sustainability targets or performance standards, and document the means on how the targets or standards will be achieved.  A SMP is required for all large developments in accordance with the table above.



How do I prepare an SDA or SMP?    

SDA (Sustainable Design Assessment)

It is encouraged that all applications be submitted with a Sustainable Design Assessment.  Your SDA can be prepared using the free web-based program BESS (Built Environment Sustainability Scorecard).  BESS is a free simple online assessment rating tool for most types of development applications.  BESS has been tailored to the SDAPP program and has been designed to help applicants demonstrate 'best practice' in the sustainable building categories.  To access the BESS website, please Click Here.

SMP (Sustainable Management Plan)

The nature of larger developments provides the opportunity for increased environmental benefits and the opportunity for major resource savings.  Based on this, it may be necessary to engage a sustainability professional to prepare an SMP.

There are a range of tools and websites to assist you in preparing both a Sustainable Design Assessment and Statutory Management Plan.  For more information on these tools and websites, please Click Here.



If you would like to discuss Sustainable Design with a Statutory Planner, please do not hesitate to contact the City Development Department on 9581 4131 between the hours of 8:30am and 5:30pm.