Metropolitan Planning Levy

Under the Planning and Environment Act 1987 a MPL must be paid to the State Revenue Office (SRO) in respect to all applications for a planning permit for developments in metropolitan Melbourne that have a development cost of $1,271,000 or more (adjusted annually by CPI).

The levy is calculated at $1.30 for every $1,000 of the estimated cost of the development. This payment is in addition to the statutory planning application fees.

The MPL is intended to fund the ongoing development of planning policy and strategy for the Melbourne metropolitan area, including the operations of the Metropolitan Planning Authority and the implementation of Plan Melbourne.

Visit the State Revenue Office website to apply for a metropolitan planning levy certificate and find out more information. As soon as the levy is paid, the Commissioner will issue a certificate as evidence of payment (within five working days), which must be provided to the Responsible Authority with the application for a planning permit.

An application cannot be lodged without a valid certificate. Please note that a certificate is only valid for 90 days after the issue date.