Housing and homelessness


Kingston is proud to have a number of approaches endorsed by Council to tackle homelessness and increase social and affordable housing in our community.

Rising house prices and rents, and limited investment in social housing, have led to an increase of households in Kingston experiencing housing stress. It is estimated within the City of Kingston that:

  • 415 people are homeless
  • 1 in every 12 households are experiencing rental stress
  • 1 in every 2 households experiencing rental stress are single households
  • 6,222 dwellings are needed in Kingston to address overall demand for social and affordable housing

(Based on the 2016 ABS Census)

What is social and affordable housing?

Affordable housing refers to housing that is available to very low and low-income households. They are available to rent or own for less than 30 per cent of the household’s income.

Social housing forms part of affordable housing. It typically refers to housing that is owned by Victorian Government or a not-for-profit Registered Housing Agency and is made available at affordable rents for eligible households. This form of housing generally addresses households with the highest needs and a range of other supports are available (for example rental assistance).

Safe, secure and affordable housing provides both direct and indirect benefits to the community. It directly provides low-income and vulnerable households with secure tenure and protection from housing stress. It indirectly reduces disadvantage, protects community diversity and enhances labour market efficiencies.

Social & Affordable Housing Strategy

The Social and Affordable Housing Strategy(PDF, 2MB) was endorsed by Council on 27 July 2020.

Council developed the Social and Affordable Housing Strategy to describe Council commitments to address the urgent housing and homelessness issue in Kingston. The Strategy includes:

  • An assessment of the need for social and affordable housing in the City of Kingston.
  • A range of strategies and actions that Council will pursue to assist households affected by lack of affordable accommodation.

Importantly, the Strategy will ultimately facilitate an increase in the supply of social and affordable housing in Kingston.

Homes for Homes

Homes for Homes is a non-for-profit company founded by the Big Issue. They aim to deliver social and affordable housing through tax-deductible donations made when a home is sold. Homeowners agree to a small percentage donation on the sale of their house, which goes towards providing homes for others. The initiative is an innovative new funding model that will increase the supply of social and affordable housing within Kingston and across Victoria.

For more information about the initiative and to find out how you can join visit Homes for Homes.

Local Government Regional Charter Homelessness and Social Housing Working Group

Kingston has joined a group of 13 Councils representing two million residents in Melbourne’s east and south east to call for urgent action for more social housing to end homelessness. Housing is the first step to address the complex needs of the region’s most vulnerable community members.

The alliance of Councils has adopted a Charter to guide the campaign, the Regional Local Government Homelessness and Social Housing Charter(PDF, 794KB).

The shared purpose is to ‘address the urgent need for increased social housing and a more effective, integrated and supported homelessness service system’.

The Charter prioritises three regional commitments which the 13 Councils will act to:

  • Work in partnership with federal and state government, public and private sector partners in a coordinated approach to deliver meaningful outcomes to increase the provision of social housing and respond to homelessness in east and south east Melbourne
  • Scope land within each Local Government Area that has the potential to be re-purposed for adaptable housing needs
  • Advocate together for inclusive housing growth including mandatory inclusionary zoning

The Local Government areas that form this collective are:

City of Casey, City of Cardinia, Frankston City Council, City of Greater Dandenong, Knox City Council, City of Kingston, Manningham City Council, City of Monash, Maroondah City Council, Mornington Peninsula Shire, City of Whitehorse, Yarra Ranges Council and Bayside Council.

This group is supported by Eastern Affordable Housing Alliance (EAHA), Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV), Eastern Region Group of Councils (ERG) and the Department of Health.

Find out more about the campaign

Housing Services

AccessCare Community Connection Program

Telephone: 1300 819 200

Website: Homeless support | AccessCare

The Community Connection Program supports people living in the Kingston and Bayside council areas who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. The Program is free of charge. The staff work closely with you to link you with community services, housing organisations and other services that might be able to help you.

Launch Housing

Telephone: 1800 825 955

Website: https://www.launchhousing.org.au/get-help

Address: 11 Chesterville Road, Cheltenham, 3192 (Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm)

Crisis accommodation and housing support.

Innovative Health Services for Homeless Youth (IHSHY)

Connect Health & Community

Telephone: 9575 5333

Website: https://connecthealth.org.au/enews/support-for-homeless-youth/

The IHSHY program supports people aged between 12 to 25 years old who live, work or go to school in Kingston, Bayside or Glen Eira. The team promotes health care for young people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

Frontyard Youth Services

Telephone: 9977 0077 or 1800 800 531

Website: https://www.mcm.org.au/homelessness/frontyard

Address: 19 King St, Melbourne, 3000

Multidisciplinary holistic programs to meet the needs of young people aged 12 to 24 years old who are homeless or at risk of being homeless.