Starting or growing a business

Step 1: Research and planning

There are many things to consider when starting or growing a business:


There are rules that set out how land and buildings can be used. Our Property information helps provide information on the zoning of your location. Starting a business from home? Read about home based businesses.


Learn about the demographics of your local customers by viewing the City of Kingston’s economic profile

Permits and regulations

Depending on the type of business, you may need multiple permits. Check our Business Permits page or complete the forms in Step 2 to find out more.


Visit Business Victoria for guidance, services and skills you will need to start or grow your business. 


Step 2: What permits do I need?

Use the business navigator forms below to help determine what permits you will need: 

Business Wizardry Service

Our Business Wizardry Service is a free service we offer, providing you a business expert to help guide and assist you through the process of starting or growing your business, including navigating necessary permits and approvals.

To speak with our Business Wizard, call 1300 653 356 or email