For emergency assistance in times of flooding contact the Victoria State Emergency Services (SES) on 132 500

Flooding may arise for many different reasons:

  • Blocked or damaged pits and drains
  • Poor private drainage
  • Severe weather events including really heavy rainfall

We look after Council drains and manage flooding from these drains in Kingston.

Melbourne Water takes care of flooding if it occurs from a main drain, river or creek. 

The Department of Transport and Planning manages flooding and drains along main roads.

Who is responsible for dealing with flooding incidents?

  • Internal drainage issues (within private property) – the property owner 
  • Stormwater outlet from your property boundary to the kerb and channel (street) – the property owner 
  • Main drains, rivers and creeks – Melbourne Water
  • Flooding of roads, footpaths and nature strips – Council

Download our flooding fact sheet(PDF, 565KB) for more information.

Report a flood

If there is flooding from Council's drainage system, you can report a flooding incident using our form below.

You may need to also request drain cleaning or report a damaged drainage pit.

Click here to view form.