Kingston's Integrated Water Strategy

Changes to our climate and increased development places pressure on every part of the water cycle.

Kingston’s Integrated Water Strategy explains our future direction, what Council will do, and what actions our community can take. It includes our goals that are focussed on:

  • Using water wisely, including less drinking water (potable water) and more use of alternative water such as rainwater tanks, stormwater and recycled water;
  • Protecting our waterways and Bay by reducing litter and all forms of pollution
  • Improving our flood management
  • Enhancing education and partnerships with our community.

The strategy outlines the vision and steps needed to become a water sensitive city by 2040.

The strategy is supported by Kingston’s Integrated Water Story - The Full Picture that provides more information about our challenges and opportunities.

You can learn more about Integrated Water Management on the Victoria State Government website.