Disc Golf

Kingston has its very own permanent Disc Golf course at Bald Hills Park- Inverness St, Clarinda

Disc Golf is a fun recreational activity for people of all ages. The aim of the game is to throw your disc from the tee pad into the disc catching basket in the least number of throws.

Bald Hills is a 9-hole course, which has two tee pads for each basket, creating a total of 18 holes to complete.

Where to get discs

Borrow discs 

Discs are available to borrow from Clarinda Library, 58 Viney St, Clarinda

Up to eight discs per library card can be borrowed for three weeks, and returned to any Kingston library branch.

You can check disc availability, join the library and put discs on hold via our online catalogue here

Buy Discs 

Online at melbournediscgolf.com or flyingdiscstore.com.au or search 'Disc Golf' for local suppliers.


Download your score card(PDF, 5MB)  

Download App: Udisc is the official app of the Professional Disc Golf Association - you can keep score, view courses, and track stats.

How to Play

Safety & Courtesy 

  • Always give other park users the right of way
  • Never throw when other players or park users are within range
  • Respect the course – put rubbish in bins and keep the park tidy.  


Each hole begins with a tee-off throw from the tee pad. After everyone has thrown, the player whose disc is furthest from the basket throws next.  

Next Throw

Wherever your disc lands on the fairway is the spot where you must take your next throw towards the basket. Players may take a run up, but you must throw from behind this spot. A follow through is allowed after you release the disc. 


Throws which are less than 10m from the basket require players to stay behind the spot until the disc comes to rest.  

Completion of Hole

A hole is completed when your disc comes to rest in the basket catcher or chains. On top of the basket does not count.  

Placing in Order

 When you start each new hole, the player with the lowest score on the previous hole throws first. 

Out of Bounds

A disc is out of bounds (OB) when it is completely surrounded by the OB area as marked on the tee sign. A one-throw penalty is added to the score and the next throw is taken from the point where the disc went OB.

All throws on or over roads and footpaths are out of bounds. If a disc comes to rest in a tree, the next throw is played from underneath with no penalty. 

Course Maps

Bald Hill Disc Golf Course Map