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Kingston Interfaith Network

The Kingston Interfaith Network meets several times a year to learn from each other, create connections and have conversations between different faith groups.

Many events and activities are organised throughout the year for our network members to be involved in visit: 



Our Vision Statement

Kingston Interfaith Network celebrates the commonality and diversity of our spiritual communities by:

  • encouraging understanding and respect between peoples of all faiths and cultures
  • affirming spiritual and religious freedom
  • working towards peace, compassion, and equality within our local community

Fulfilling Our Vision

The Network shares and engages with the community by being involved in:

  • events
  • gatherings
  • panel discussions
  • learning and education
  • community consultations and representation

Anyone with an interest in interfaith is welcome to become a member of the Kingston Interfaith Network. Members of the Network receive information and have the opportunity to be involved in interfaith events and activities.

To become a member of the Network, complete the registration form in the Related Information section on this page or contact our Community Development Officer on 9581 4783

Kingston Interfaith Network Committee

The Kingston Interfaith Network Committee has been established by Council to provide a conduit between Kingston Council and faith communities within local areas to encourage open communication, interfaith dialogue and partnerships to address the needs of the local communities.

The Kingston Interfaith Network Committee is open to representatives from all recognised faith organisations.  Members are appointed for a period of two years with an option for a second two year period. Council will open nominations to the Committee publicly through advertisements in Kingston Your City, local newspapers, Council’s website and notification to key stakeholders.

For more information:

Contact Elisabetta Robecchi, Community Development Officer on  9581 4783 or email


Interfaith panel discussion on Family Violence, Tuesday 26th November 2019

The Social Development Team with the support of Kingston Interfaith Committee will host a panel discussion on the role of faith organisations in preventing family violence.

A buffet dinner will follow the discussion. During the event gift cards and vouchers will be collected and donated to Emerge  (Women & Children’s Support Network) for women and children living in emergency accommodation in Kingston. 

Please see attached the flyer for more information.

Click on link to  book a place. RSVP by 10 November 2019