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Kingston Interfaith Network

The Kingston Interfaith Network creates connections between different faith groups.

Many events and activities are organised throughout the year. To be involved visit

The Kingston Interfaith Newsletter keeps faith organisations and their congregations connected. It includes up to date information about remote religious services offered in Kingston as well as faith outreach and social support services.


Kingston Interfaith Network Committee

We’re seeking new members!

Are you keen to be involved in your community and help to create connections between people? Nominations are currently open for Faith Leaders and representatives of faith communities on the Kingston Interfaith Network Committee.

The Kingston Interfaith Network Committee provides a connection between Kingston Council and faith communities. It encourages open communication, interfaith dialogue and interfaith activities.

The Committee is made up of people from a range of faith backgrounds and we’re hoping to expand that. The group meets bi-monthly and works together on a range of projects that involve the Kingston Interfaith Network and the broader community. 

Nominated members need to either live in, or practice their faith, in Kingston. 

Representatives of faith communities are welcome to apply – you just need a letter of endorsement by your faith leader attached to your application. Appointed members will be a part of the committee for a two-year term.

Download an application form.

For more information contact Elisabetta Robecchi, Community Development Officer, on 9581 4783 or 

We look forward to hearing from you!

Our Vision Statement

Kingston Interfaith Network celebrates the commonality and diversity of our spiritual communities by:

  • encouraging understanding and respect between peoples of all faiths and cultures
  • affirming spiritual and religious freedom
  • working towards peace, compassion, and equality within our local community

Read the Kingston Interfaith Network Committee Terms of Reference.

Fulfilling Our Vision

The Network shares and engages with the community by being involved in:

  • events
  • gatherings
  • panel discussions
  • learning and education
  • community consultations and representation

Anyone with an interest in interfaith is welcome to subscribe to the Interfaith Network Committee mailing list to receive information and have the opportunity to be involved in interfaith events and activities.