Fences shared with Council

In certain circumstances we will contribute towards the cost of a standard timber paling fence. Make sure you get approval before going ahead.


Apply for a contribution

Step 1.Get a permit (if required) 

Check our fencing permits page to see if you need a building permit, report and consent, or planning permit.

Step 2.Make sure that you are eligible

If you are eligible, we will contribute towards the cost of a standard timber paling fence.

The below are not eligible:

  • land not in direct council ownership or under council management
  • crown land and foreshore reservations
  • road reservations
  • right of ways, laneways, discontinued roads, walkways and other spaces
  • buffer to a road
  • drainage reservations
  • bicycle path
  • open space not owned by Council
  • gates, trellis, enhancement, painting, decorative and other features
  • pedestrian gates
  • pool fencing
  • repairs to a fence.

Contact us if you are unsure if you are eligible or not. We may not be able to confirm your eligibility until we have full details of your request.

Step 3.Get 2 quotes

Before you complete the application form you need to obtain two quotes from fencing contractors of your choice.

The quote must specify any costs that you are responsible for such as:

  • the extra cost if you would like a fence higher than 1.9 metres
  • the cost of a building permit if the fence is higher than 2 metres
  • gates
  • any surveying if needed

The quote must also:

  • be written out in your name and include your address
  • include a cost per metre including demolition & removal of boundary fence (this is not to include lattice work, shade cloth, trees/shrubs etc).
  • include a sketch indicating the boundary
  • breakdown cost between owners

Step 4.Apply for a contribution

Once you have your 2 quotes, you can apply for a contribution. 

Do not start works until you have approval from us.

Apply for a council contribution

Step 5.Get approval from us

We will review your application and let you know the outcome.