Significant tree register

Kingston’s Significant Tree Register(PDF, 17MB)  helps identify and conserve significant trees in our city. The register aims to preserve our leafy neighbourhood character, cultural heritage, history, and biological diversity. 

The Significant tree register contains 84 entries. The trees were selected for their outstanding contribution to the community, they help us define our identity or connection to a place through their historical or cultural value, they contribute to the landscape character and amenity of the area through their outstanding size, growth form, age, they provide shade and shelter for people and fauna habitats through their environmental value and rarity, and they overall assisting in the biodiversity conservation of the City of Kingston.

The list of trees was development by means of rigorous assessment by both Council Officers, and Tri Dimensional Consultants. The initial phase of this project included nominations from the community and a drive-by of the entire municipality to identify and inspect potential significant vegetation within the municipality. The following phase commenced in March 2015 and was undertaken by McLeod Trees, on behalf of Council, and completed the review of significant trees as identified within the initial phases of the project by Council Officers.

The trees that are listed on the Register are considered to be the ‘best of the best’ of the species within Kingston. Trees within the Register should be used as the Benchmark for all future trees.