The Grange Reserve

The Grange Reserve commemorates a momentous day in local, and universe, history.

The UFO themed park was designed in honour of an event that took place on the morning of April 6, 1966 when at least 90 students and teachers witnessed three 'flying saucers' hovering over their school oval.

One of the flying objects landed at the current location of the park in a pine grove, before it would 'rise silently from the ground, turn on its side and shoot across the sky' according to one witness.

The playground's UFO doesn't fly, but contains rope ladders, and steering wheel and controls, and two slides to escape the cockpit in a hurry. There is an alien themed springboard, and various information panels about that mysterious day, as well as non-intergalactic play equipment including, swings, climbing rope and wall, and a flying fox.

You can also meet a variety of carved native animal sculptures lazing about among the landscaped area.

There are shelters with tables, BBQs, seating, toilets and drinking fountain with on site parking for cars, and spacecraft.

The Grange Reserve is home to one of our environmental working bee programs. The working bees are a great way people and make a positive impact in your local environment, join in for an enjoyable day out in nature.



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