Walking and Cycling Plan Projects

  • Project typeFootpath/Shared User Path and Road improvement works
  • Project valuePartially funded, total cost to be confirmed
  • Project scheduleCommencing 2023
A walker and a cyclist pose for a photo on a shared walking and biking trail

We’re committed to creating a healthier and more connected community.

We’ve adopted an ambitious 5-year Plan to improve the experience of walking and cycling in Kingston.

The Walking and Cycling Plan 2023-2028 will see us deliver more than 60 projects, which includes 40 projects suggested by our community – and prioritised through our extensive community consultation process.

It also commits us to continued work on 28 projects currently being designed or investigated, including new crossings, footpaths, shared paths, bicycle lanes, traffic signals, street and shopping precinct upgrades.

We will also add bike parking, repair stations, signs and ongoing monitoring and advocate to external authorities for 14 other related projects.

Read the full Walking and Cycling Plan(PDF, 8MB), view the Snapshot of the adopted plan(PDF, 31MB) or watch the video below to learn more about how we're creating a network in Kingston.



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